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[idea]seasons,body heat,extra clothing,complex hotel and temperature


Proposal: Introduce seasons, body heat ,temperature , some new clothing items into the game and a more complex hotel into the game.
Abuse Prevention: No abuse issues.
Visual Aids: 2 new bars in the game for temperature and your own body heat.
New clothing items to be designed
Various built in features to the hotel like a fire hearth and cooling system.
Clothing new stat with heat value from - 40 to 1 to +40..
New clothing item overcoat that can be worn together with shirt. Existing overcoats will be shifted to category overcoat.


First off "clothing" is split into 2 distinct types

all items that can be worn has now a temperature rating. More clothing items is introduced to even out the effects of heat. So cooler and warmer with same values as current clothing items. New shinies as well.

Your clothing affect your body heat which is a heat value in relation to the outside temperature.
The calculation of body heat is as follow:
((Shirt + Overcoat) + Pants + Shoes + Hat + necklace / 5) + temperature = body heat

For example its summer and the temperature outside is +50 im wearing cooler clothing with a value of -30 my body heat is therefore 20.

Temperature and seasons:
A worldwide temperature meter is introduced into the world. The west like any desert type area would have had big fluctuations in temperature normally very hot days in the summer to extremely cold nights. In the Sahara desert the day temperature rises to about 40 degrees Celsius and can fall to -5 at night.

So there will be 4 seasons, summer , spring, winter and autumn with each day a fluctuation according to the progress in the season. In my country we currently is winter it starts about in april with a gentle drop and then escalate up until august then it spirals up ever warmer and we usually have about a 2 week cooler temperature gap and then its just full blast warm with peaks around in December.

Affect of temperature:

2 Approaches could be followed:
1. If you overclock to either side warm or cold your ko'd
2. It affects energy regeneration with an optimum faster energy at about room temperature.

The developers can puzzle this one out.

Complex Hotel:
A hotel has its own temperature value that is at base -10 in summer times and +10 in winter times.

This will include the construction of a fire hearth that uses wood as well as some kind of Victorian device that cools temperature and require water( new job item). So with enough items and a item consumption rate per hour the hotel will regulate the temperature at an optimal level. Hotel fees will now go to the town itself and the founder may use town funds to buy equipment lets call it part of a new movement towards a new approach* were the town will require more work and real management decisions as well as item gathering. Lets say that in this approach there will be a maintenance cost to each building but that the funds of the town stores will go to the town and that townsfolk may place their own items in the towns stores to be sold for the benefit of the town. Also in this new approach each resident will consume a value towards food: ( current items extended to add food value to it) which is represented in food. Here some new elements can he introduced or affects to his hp etc.

Proposed before : No
Meet requirements:yes.

Benefits to Innogames and the community:

Introducing 2 new elements will make the game more complex at very little programming effort. We introduce a very real elements into the game heat and cold. If this is properly worked out it could contribute a massive strategic element into the game. More difficult yes but once you master it I think it will be a more interesting game.

* new idea that will be proposed later.

ps: i am permanently banned from the net forum so dont expect me to discuss anything there or propose anything there. Forum wise this is my only forum atm.
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