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In almost all the western movies, the scaffold is the doom that the main characters or criminals trying to escape during their adventures, there is always the threat hanging pursued him. As such a vital key in all westers arguments.

In the history of the Old West, the scaffold was the central square, in sight of all the inhabitants, the emblem of "welcome" of the town, persuading one way outsiders would pass wich was the punishment for those law breakers in the city. Even leaving the body hanging from a fugitive for days or even months was also a warning system, -"how end you if you dare to inflict the law"-

The idea is to add some statistics in the gravedigger in reference to the posters hanging in the sheriff of the city. Thus see that like the duels that is subject, also see reflected the activity of the sheriff's office itself

(This would be an example to show)

The following statistics are as follows: (Sorry, the image is in spanish)
-("Carteles") "Posters" -> The number of posters issued from that city.
-("Ejecutados") "Sentenced" -> executed to death from that city.
-("Recompensas") "Rewards" -> Total money invested in all the rewards.
-("Máx. Recompensa") "High Reward" -> The ultimate reward issued from the city.
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For your information loneguert patibulo means gallows not scaffold. gallows as the place where criminals is hanged.

Ok I do not understand your idea that well loneguert. Do you mean a kind of notice board or do you mean the central plaza of the town. A scaffold is something one use to paint buildings with. Its usually constructed of metal and wooden planks on which the painter can move normally as he paints the building. The higher he paints the higher the wooden planks is raised

our normal bounties is similar to this:

notice board: I cant find a wanted posted that provides more information:

gravedigger i think you mean the mortician which is the person that buries the death. So you want to tie the mortician with the sheriffs office in some way?

* all images copyright corbis
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What I mean is to add statistical information on the sheriff of the city
I put in the grave digger, because I could not find anywhere else. In the picture is an example. Clearly not an accurate representation of how it would be. It is an ordinary example to show to sheriff statistics, can be in the sheriff's office or the undertaker.

Simply. The idea is to show the public with the sheriff activity of the city, as does the gravedigger in reference to dueling.

About the "Scalffold" sorry... the better expresion is "gallows", In translation from my native language, we use the "andamio", "tablado", "palestra", "patíbulo" or "escalinata" to refer where is the gallows, or execution location.
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