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[Idea] - raise droprate on products//"next" crafting profession


Idea title:
Raise droprate on products and open for another crafting profession when finished the first one.

Details of idea:
Raise droprate for products and open for "next" crafting procession when people are finished with their first choosen profession

Reasons for submitting:
A raise in droprate for products while doing jobs, will make people feel that they get faster progression in the game (mainly in crafting).
The faster progression and an easier way to get many product drop will satisfy people, and make them feel that "im getting somewhere" ....
It means that people faster will be finished with their chosen crafting procession. When finished making the enditem of their chosen crafting profession, people will get an option to choose the next crafting procession to learn.

The BIG issue is to calculate the droprate on products, so every profession will be equal easy/hard to finish - and calculate it so it wont be too easy/hard (take too short/long time to finish.
If done well i think people will have enough to do, and will stay longer/more active in the game.

Maybe this has been suggested - but i could not find it .... Delete this if it has been suggested before.