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[IDEA]Quickview:mini map in fort display in fort overview


Proposal:include a mini map with locations in Fort overview.
Abuse: Non
Detials: In the little fort window that shows the current fort battle a mini map is located that show the position of the player and the fort.

Summary: the community will benefit as its now easy to see where a fort battle is and were you are. A player can use this to move towards the fort battle as the day progresses.
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nice idea :) but I think devs are too busy, we would wait for this for an eternity... nevertheless, it should be doable with a script, I'll try to ask someone :)


I like this idea....but the map appear when we passes the cursor over the battle on the fortbattle menu.


it will appear only in the fort overview: it definitely would be a good script. as a script one could make the map active as well perhaps? do not know if that is beyond their abilities. it could also be added to the tooltip window that appears when you hover over the fort. so script writers is welcome to have a go.