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[IDEA]Implement market helper


Proposal: Implement darkyndy 's script as a game feature.
Current workaround: Installing the script.
Details: Well I really like this script. This is in fact the only one I currently use. Basically what it involves is , it shows your purchases on a big map. The reason I like it is one cannot work the optimal travel route as well as with this script. Well one could using a paper but still schlepp schlepp schlepp. You guys could introduce a second tab hiding a new big map for sales one made.
The easiest manner to do this would just be to modify the current mini map. First view would be just normal view but with market highlighted. But then with an option to enlarge it showing all of the the info darkyndy shows.
Visual Aids:

Abuse Prevention: There is no abuse using this script it just helps you better choose your optimal travel plan.
Benifits for community and Innogames: I will leave the legal wiggle waggle to you guys , not certain if you would need to buy the script from the scriptwriter or whatever. But anyway it would make one feature very much easier :the collection of stuff.
Community: Really great script. The mini map could be more helpful. This would be a welcome amendment of it.
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