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[IDEA] Give credits for quests completed before Achievements


Proposal:Give players credits for the ostrich achievement(1000 daily quests) for all quests completed . All quests completed before the implementation of this idea will also be counted towards the Ostrich achievement.
Abuse/Visual Aids: None
Details: All players completing normal quests should also get credit for the Ostrich Achievement. All players should get credit for quests completed before this change. Im currently on 350 quests that would give me about another 350 bringing my score to a more manageable 700 quests. 1000 is too much of a ask for basically a step towards the Camel. Also as there is a wide disparity of skills required for the waupee and ghost town quests most players that do not specifically gear towards them cant do them.

The camel was nerfed if I remember correctly or am I thinking of the elephant for the referral system. Anyway its 150% speed is the same as a couple of riding animals and with the collectors gun being such a weak weapon and the whole collection not really being better than the golden gun set. I think the ask is too much for the ultimate reward. On world 1 .net I will actually complete the whole collection including both weapons by getting the Ostrich.

Else the collections sets stats should be changed. Its a social award (for it requires more social interaction with other players than actual game play.) I would suggest something that could help a player socially: Cant think of anything of the bat...so fill in the gaps idea for another player.
Suggested before:No
Meet requirements:yes
Summary:Just a fairer shake for all players.
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The West Team
Normal quests do not count towards the ostrich achievement as far as I know, only repeatable ones.
In which case, older players are at an advantage, as there are repeatable holiday quests new players cannot do.


Staff Sergeant
The normal quests doesn´t count towards the daily quests.

We already have an achievement for the 500 normal quests. Right now there are over 520 quests for doing on the normal ones...
The dailies give a small advantage to people that is 15 or more months ingame since those already got a few festive quests that are repeatable now.
But for the new players those quests will come this year or next year... so, on the long run people will get them.
The biggest point is that on the 1.35 you could do any quests on the indian and ghost town. Now you can only do the ones from your level of experience.
All the ones who have the ostrich used that to get to the 1000 faster.


yep checked it now. Ok I will change it to all quests should be counted towards repeatable quests and as well older player should receive credits for old quests already repeated. My mistake came from the normal quest counting towards the daily quests.