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[IDEA] fort battle costs against spam attacks


Hello everybody

I'd like to make a suggestion about the costs of initiating a fort attack related to the massive fort attacks...I searched the forum and didn't find anything like this (maybe I suck at searching on forums), so here it goes:

First of all, I know spam battles aren't a problem in every server, but I think if this idea would be implemented, it wouldn't afect them in any negative way

my idea is simple: once there is a fort attack, the costs of other fort attacks on the same time would increase, in fact, costs would be multiplied by 2...I think 12 hours is a decent time of penalization on future attacks...then costs would go down again to their original numbers

for example, if there is an attack on a big fort, wich costs 10.000$, attacking another big fort within the next 12 hours would cost 20.000$...if the second battle was declared anyway, attacking a third fort would cost 40.000$

the penalization would affect the whole world, not just the town wich attacked first...this is in order to avoid massive counter attacks

please, take notice that the example is thought with big forts...this increase in costs would also affect small and medium forts, but in a smoother way (small fort 1500-3000-6000)

I think it has it's logic, because the more battles there are at the same time, the more expensive it is to buy ammunition, food, etc (whatever is the use of the money spent attacking a fort, here I'm thinkin a bit in a realistic way here...war is expensive)

I also think it wouldn't be a harsh improvement...attackin several forts would be still posible in order to divide your enemy, but it would prevent the extreme spam battles that are happening on several servers (up to 20 battles around the same time, all of then almost empty)...servers which don't have this problem would not notice this change...

and finally, it would add another "money sink" to the game

well...here is my idea, hope you all like it, or at least comment on it to improve it, or to tell me I'm mad for having such a bad idea

Das Dee


I'm not a fortfighter so I just can tell it from an outside view. To increase the price of fortbattles should be OK. Lets say, during the 24hrs preparation time the price doubles per declaration.
the penalization would affect the whole world, not just the town wich attacked first...this is in order to avoid massive counter attacks
This is something I'm not conform with. You can not penalize a town which is more or less inocent. And - fake fights must still be possible somehow.


yeah, I see your point, and it makes it's sense...

but if the penalization goes only to the town that declares multiple battles, making spam attacks would be just as easy as it's now...large alliances would have advantage, as they could use all their cities to make simultaneous attacks...and then again, small aliances or independent towns would be on disadvantage, as they would be the only ones affected by this feature, as large alliances would be able to avoid it (small aliances don't have 40 cities to declare a ton of battles)

btw, I'm not a fort fighter myself...I only fight sometimes when I feel like it...but a lot of people on my server are complaining about spam battles, and I had this idea


Thanks mennik, I didn't see zet's post, but more or less that's what I was talking about, hope they finda a way to prevent spam battles

anyway, this is a idea not only for the beta but every server...


For dead worlds your idea would prevent spam multi attacks, but for regular alive new worlds with many players it would mean big decrease in fort battles - that is if world has 40000+ people and there is a battle going on the other side of the map - noone would go there and noone would initiate a new fort battle (especially on a big fort).

In world small alliances would dissapear as if there is just one fort battle and it needs full - there is no way for them to compete for forts with bigger alliances. If big alliances can not hold their forts - then they have too many of them and must give to others.

As of money sinks - spam battles are bigger money sinks then what you propose. So there would be no benefit.
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A fairly simple way to prevent one player from spamming a lot of fortbattles within a few minutes, could be a timer on like 2 hours between the possibility of attacking a fort for same player.