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[IDEA]-Change character's face & Barbershop.

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Loneguert, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Loneguert

    Loneguert Guest

    Change character's face.
    You never want to change it in the face of the character? or... To be "Joe"?:D (the NPC duels)
    Well could do something that you could choose the "face" you wanted to without changing the existing (gunslinger, outlaw .. etc)
    It is an idea, (though many may be absurd) is varied characters and "customize" a little game.

    This idea would be to have more faces varied and not standardized or "series " of the barbershop would be nice, since the old west you can not compare with contemporary styles and fashions (not to mention the aesthetic surgery XDD, you cure the gangrene surgical area clean knife and stick on the stump), but if you arranged the whiskers are trimmed beard or the fringe, he was also a very popular work in cities, and those who could afford to go to a "barber" and spend a few dollars there were people with money (and it should be priced consderable every touch), apart from the idea of the first post, in which the fronted you choose your avatar, in the barbershop could make some "tweaks" like putting aesthetic beard, mustache, hairy, bald, have two hairs as Philemon ... etc, but always without leaving the line of the chosen genre, "You can not put a mustache on a woman, nor mascara to a cowboy. (not one of the two examples have a future in the Old West to be frank).

    -What role should the barbershop?:
    Change the look of your avatar on small features, beard, hair, etc.

    -What is the barber?:
    The building is attached to the sheriff's office (and thus once and for all would be given a useful XD)

    The same rule that the stores to start, who is a citizen of the city would have 75% discount on the services of the barber. And then, depending on each level, the more refined the beard, the more expensive the service of a barber.

    The idea of this moment I have about the barber;)
  2. Msingh

    Msingh Guest

    good idea. i don't think it be lot of work. i don't think anyone will vote against it.
    i would still like to see it. change the character's look. good idea. nothing else to say.
  3. mawihtec

    mawihtec Guest

    interesting idea
    not sure how attractive it would be to players other than a short term interest

    certainly would not vote no to it just not sure how it would benefit the in game play
  4. Meredith

    Meredith Guest

    When I started playing TW it was possible to change your avatar and no one really used it. So as mawihtec said it is change rather for short term and after some time players won't use it too much.
  5. Msingh

    Msingh Guest

    i think that was by using premium but this is with game money. i will change look every week.
  6. Axyronas

    Axyronas Guest

    very good idea. +1
  7. ykpon

    ykpon Guest

    GOOD IDEA!:cool:
    i'm support you)
  8. Creature

    Creature Corporal

    Aug 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    good ideea, for some price we could have more styles to make us special
    one more thing: should show players who are similar to us in some procent, and enough styles to differ from others for example 10x10x10x10x10x10 is 100000 types, enough for any server, random generate it
    also should show the man in clothes, not just clothes, so should be a huge rework

    and zet ideea with mybrute like fight implemented as duels, would be nice with completely different duelist chibi-s xD
  9. Das Dee

    Das Dee Guest


    I'd like to aks a question. How often do you think about changing your look. How often do you care about others picture.
    Well - in the beginning I thought about my character but in the meantime I don't care about the "look". The question is - is it worth to put that much power on a feature which most probably will not be used that often (from my point of view of course)

    Lets think about it...
  10. Loneguert

    Loneguert Guest

    In a game where people look out among the other players, give a touch of personality to your character is a way to distinguish itself from other players.
    Many players do not care about the character profile, but other players will even pay for it. In previous versions of the West, had an option to change the face of the class of your character, this option is of no interest to see a few profiles to choose from.

    The barber would be a more fun way to give the faces of the players, so that each would differ. The barber would give more score to the city, and therefore more work to the builders.:D
  11. champ45

    champ45 Reservist

    Jul 9, 2011
    Likes Received:
    To The West Team (change the character's class)
    The Italian forum has long developed the request to be able to change the character's class. I also had the opportunity to make the same request and you replied that you could take it into consideration in the future. I wonder if you have considered the question or not.
    thank you and greet you champ45
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  12. Jack Beauregard

    Jack Beauregard Reservist

    May 5, 2017
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    why not add the hangman too? I thought about it when the movie
    Hang 'Em High
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