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[Idea] Alliance forum

Make a new forum named alliance forums.

Current Workaround:
Its just like town forum except its a whole alliance and you can invite other alliances

A new forum named alliance forums which can help any nap alliances which are with each other and have easier things like instead a town who is invited to the alliance they can see it.The people who edit and do other administration would be founders and Councilors.

New features>Temporary or permanently banning a whole town from alliance forum or a specific player.

Visual Aids
None needed or check town forums(ingame!)


Having a new forum named alliance forum.

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Tug I think your details is not comprehensive enough. What you mean is that instead of having to invite every town like with town forums which requires a lot of work. All towns in an alliance can be auto invited by adding the alliance and individual towns can be excluded at the invite.

Players can safe their forum status and found new towns by a alliance referral link only available from within the alliance forum. Upon founding the new town by running the referral link their access is restored to the forum. Too prevent bad apples misusing this referral system there is an internal "DO NOT INVITE PLAYER LIST" and all rejoining is automatic by using the referral link.

Ps by the work I have put into this idea you can see that I like it and my vote is YES. I will also add contribute some visual aids.

Ok here is the visual aids as promised:

1. Invite Multiple Alliances - Multiple Alliance Forum

2.Invite Certain Towns and Leaders - Alliance Forum

3.Exclude certain problematic towns and players from invite
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