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[IDEA] Add Fort Battles As Daily Task


Proposal: Make participating in one fort battle a daily task.
Current workaround: No
Details: A new daily task will be created called participate in fort battle. The requirement for a successful day will remain at 3 tasks. Henceforth completing 3 out of 5 tasks will be enough.
Visual Aids: None needed
Motivation and benefit to player community and Innogames:
Well thinking about it there is no real reason why it shouldnt have been included in the start of bonds. They experimented with poker games but never with fort battles. Benefits will be more active fort battles and fuller fort battles. Up to level 60 the requirement can be only 2 daily tasks required to accommodate the fact that they won't probably get into fort battles. It will make getting the daily tasks easier for more players. Often I have completed 2 daily tasks and then travel to fort fight and either dont have enough hp to complete it or forget about it if fort battle is close to 12 o'clock deadline or cant get out of a fort battle that drags over the deadline. I think this may make the current game more user friendly. i cant really think about any player that will whine about completing the daily tasks easier .