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[IDEA] A new approach toward the town


Proposal: The running of the town will require more effort and management.
Abuse: None
Visual Aids: To many for me atm will introduce it later according to feedback.
Maintenance of town buildings and extras:

I already discussed a new more complex hotel in another thread will add a link later. Ok in this new system every penny made by the town buildings goes to the town treasure but items must be bought by the town founders to stock shops else the items auto refill at a much slower rate of say 1 item each 5 days or week. Townfolk may place their own items also in the town buildings but the funds go towards the town treasury.

but there is a maintenance cost in wood , paint , nails etc ( to be suggested) with all town buildings. This will tie in with the current proposal of town buildings wearing down. Builders must from time to time complete maintenance jobs like. On a sidenote we have a +100 year old wooden holiday home and yes other people we know with a similar home has like yearly maintenance tasks. We usually leave it for a long time . But construction tasks associated with each building will be
1. Painting the roof.
2. Fixing broken roof plates.
3. Replacing wooden flooring
4. Replacing pillars .
5. Replacing windows and doorknobs.
6. Applying varnish to the wood.

Generally your buildings also wear down faster when you do no maintenance . So this will be one affect of not doing maintenance.

But lets take the concept of a shop a bit further a shop would have a storeroom a main display hall and tills etc as well as some kind of bathroom. So if the buildings is not maintained these rooms get dilapidated and finally gets to a unusable state in which case say the storeroom cannot take more items.

The town also has a central depository for all maintenance items and must keep this stocked for the builders to perform maintenance tasks.

If a building is left to long the repair is much more difficult and requires more and rarer items.

With the new ask in maintaining a building what would be the value. Well more townfunds of course meaning more fort fights as well as town founders can divide the profit of the town in between townsfolk in the way of a salary or stipend or whatever. As well as it is tied to their skills as explained later. A well run town will mean optimal skill values for the player [explained later]

Maintaining the player:

Regular towns will have town pantries with a hourly consumption rate by players that depends on the work they are doing. No more slackers and players our for personal glory. If the town goes into a state of famine it affects a person skills and his skills is nerfed downwards based on the level of famine. Pantries will need to be restocked using regular food items already present in the game. But different food items have different values according to the rarity of their drop for example turkey will have value 100 while normal grain only has 5. Also from pantry items crafters can craft other food items that has a higher food value. Space is limited in the pantry and therefore the higher the food value of an item per space the better.

The town concept will be forced on all players but townless people will have the town as backpack and will life a nomadic lifestyle with a separate pantry player based inventory also with limited space. The fact that their living in the wild will like real life place a bigger toll on them and will increase their hourly consumption rate.

Town Economics:
Town founders and Councillor will be able to buy stock for the town buildings from a traveling merchant or from companies. Any town resident can pick up these items and pass it to other players. So a well run store and hotel will mean more money which means the town can buy all food from the town treasury and maintain the players at optimal level.

Benefits: More complex game asking more from a player but also making the game more interesting for all players. As the management of a town require more maybe there will be a decline in 1 man towns leading to a tighter groups of players and a more social game. Think this is a very complex ideas. It started when I gathered some wood and thought about heat and such stuff and when I was typing that idea I thought of this idea.

Suggested before: No
Meet requirements:Yes
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This seems very unnecessary to me.

Adding this kind of complexity to the game would work against keeping new players in the game.


why? i never understand you guys :from where do you think most players come. Years of gaming. Young players like my little nephew play all his games on difficult. Why would you want to dumb it down. This is a response from one of my fellow serious players:
player from world 1 en said:
Ya know.. There is something the developers need to keep in mind when planning these massive changes.

Do you think there could be a reason why people like me have played this game for years? Could it be because we've liked and enjoyed the game play the way it is?

It's one thing to have features added. It's another to deal with small, but annoying changes (like the changes to the inventory pages). We eventually deal with it. But when you start completely changing the game we like...what's the point of staying? The game we've played is no longer. It's a completely NEW entity, and one I may not enjoy enough to keep financially supporting. Maybe keep in mind that we need to have some input on what is needed and what we'll tolerate. If you need a completely NEW game, then create it and add it to your game line up. But don't undertake such a massive change of what we've loved for years.
devblog said:
Every job will have a fixed duration in version 2.0 so you don’t have to choose any duration for jobs anymore...In The West 2.0 the jobs will be fundamentally reworked in both visual representation and functionality. There will be less job icons on the map as up to five jobs will be grouped under one major job-group. his means that some jobs require a worktime of 15 seconds, while for example others require 1 minute, 30 minutes or 2 hours. For each range of job-difficulty there will be different worktimes available, while the majority of the jobs switch from fast to slow jobs for higher jobpoint requirements. For example ‘scare birds from field’ needs 15 seconds and ‘free slaves’ needs 2 hours of worktime
because we are idiots who are struggling to think about ooh the right time for a job. This means I am right and high level players will only have 2 hour repeatable quest. So you babied it for low level player but for high level players you gonna change all worlds to 2 hours? . Pit pit pit: That is the sound of players dropping from your game like flies. You chose to ignore it in the past but it will be massive this time [evil smile] Even if you make the job 30 minutes people will still hate it.

Well I have sent her a invite so she will be here in a few days hollering at the developers.

Why change the job times developers Have you ever considered that a player is for example changing the high level jobs to lower minutes to travel in time. If you really made the game into a smaller map I wouldnt care either but still? Also I suppose now every repeatable quest will be 2 hour for a high level player. i would like to see the changes quickly so that the anger towards you can begin full blast!
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I like this idea...Is cool...I don't have one explanation to don't like... :)

Will require more work to the founders, managers and citizens too. Because I see many founders and managers in a city without doing anything, so you can give them more motivation. It's a fun idea, and is creative.