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HTML5 battles discussion


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I kept forgetting/missing the Battles to check the "Blurriness" stuff but finally got to try it :D
So unfortunately zooming out/in causing blurriness :(

But normal size is too big for my liking :/


Unfortunatly spectating battles is broken(or at least for me), when spectating and round ends nothing happens. There is only text about new round start but neither anyone moves nor I see any shots.


.net servers was updated with V1.103 recently. So, HTML 5 battles are in effect there and should work on mobile. But I tried being online for a FF on my Android device, using the latest version of chrome. But got the same screen as I did when flash was still active


Is there something that needs to be done to make the battle viewable on mobile?


.net is still using flash, HTML5 only works on .pl and beta.

Fort Battle improvement - HTML5
A 15 months ago we announced that we were moving from Flash which supported our fort battle system on The West. Since then we have been moving the fort battle feature to the more modern and reliable HTML5 platform. Our dedicated team was working hard over this past year to make this possible, and today we're happy to announce that the HTML5 will be tested on our beta (and Polish) server(s).

Also even after HTML5 update my phone wasnt able to run the battles(tried both Safari and Chrome mobile apps)
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Just because they want to announce that they are working about something?

"we're happy to announce that the HTML5 will be tested on our beta server."