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Hp monster destroys continued fighting.

Discussion in 'Version 2.0' started by Stumpy, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Stumpy

    Stumpy Guest

    You should really change the system of fort fighting .. is far too easy to "select" fightspecc now .. just run fully on credits as it gets .. but then you can not do as many quests, but it's mostly higher leveled players who have already done most of the missions already as speccat about almost entirely to credits.

    Duels there are, the more different types of specc that you have a chance to win duels in anyway .. even if they did so to avoid the sight and helps more than appearance / tactics, vigor / shooting and hardness / reflection do I think .. but not as OP credits are the fighting.

    Principle can delete all points to HP, and get by far! All you need to do is to be a soldier!

    Our late ster battle in TW.Se colorado it was 18st of 3800Hp

    7pcs of 7000 +

    As a compromise, the maximum in 6-7000hp!

    Defend them since it has amazing benefits there with! Principle 3HP stop an attack by supporting the rack behind the walls and let the others shoot down people!

    DRX writes about XP that completely sne sickening in the battles!

    Have a nice day :)
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