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Holiday Sale 2019 discussion


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InnoGames made a stand regartding DOTD, time for players (those many who are left) to make a stand regarding their spending budgets on nuggets.
I think people have been cutting back for a while, at least the fort fighters and duelists who realised the massive downward spiral we were on in terms of player numbers for PvP, and that it might be kind of wasteful to invest in a world at this point. That being said, there's also Union Officer gear and premium damagers from non-damage classes to push everyone further from PvP and therefore the game.

I'm basically queuing 4x 1h jobs per day at the moment, because opening a new world resulted in forts immediately being dead on my world and there's no migration. InnoGames made my decision to stop spending money on their game for me with the consequences of their decisions. And for some reason i'm still here practically begging them to roll it back and fix things because that's just how good this game used to be.

Being "feature complete" is fine, but then you mess up those features to the point we're telling you the game is becoming unplayable, and let the world populations slip below medium battle capabilities where all that's left are damagers to the point we're telling you the game is becoming unplayable, and then punish the playerbase when we don't play your literal gambling mingame we've been telling you is unplayable, or you don't hit whatever financial targets you have in your unplayable game.

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Every time I open the West I expect to see a message saying "We are closing the West, due to a significantly reduced player base, created by us not paying attention to the needs of the Community"
My 12 years of Loyalty to this game means nothing to InnoGames
The arrogance of the West team is beyond belief, as they are bending over backwards with their GREED, in an attempt to destroy our motivation to continue playing the West
We can move on to another Game, but they will end up unemployed
Is that really their objective Leones?
Just wait until this Event hits the Main Nett Servers and you have to face the crap storm that's coming
It might be prudent to back down and add the DOTD sets to this event before it's too late
Prediction: We showed the Community our stubborn arrogance, even if we lost thousands of players
Way to go InnoGames, Who is gonna explain this debacle to your Investors?



Romanian players wants DoD items in 2019 bags also. :)
Luckily we have a lot of translators in the hungarian servers, so our romanian / hungarian players will make their job, cuz we dont understand your opinions :D btw good job m8, I give a brofist to you guys :)


IG you really ... this game slowly going to dead because of yours behaviors and you still want to players ;/ WHY??

players who going to fort battles always have better ,lucillas +4 and all are happy but why we (duel'lers) cant upgrade items and having fun from pvp???

really only money $$$$ are worth for you? SHAME ,SHAME ,SHAME


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Since the bags don't have DOTD items, can you also lower the bags pricing? 75 bonds/nuggets is too much for it :P

I believe it should be 30 bonds per bag. Too much bad items in these bags, only about 3 sets are useful this year. Phoebe, baker's, and livingston.


Hi guys its me, I just wanted to say that I've decided to quit ealier, I won't wait till 31.12. 2019.

An old proverb says: " Out of everything bad comes always something good" = it also applies on this situation
- it finally made me quit this game, even though I'm a little bit dissapointed.

Holiday Sale 2019 is my favourite (was) event of the Year, and nowdays its only a big SCAM from InnoGames developers/creators or whoever suggested it.... and when
I saw that, there are no DOD items from 2019 and DOD items from 2018 (random items solo) in the shop cost the same as previous year - f.e. Ive seen a horse Murriet - 800 bonds/ nuggets (scam of the year) I've said to myself: "its time to quit".

This event is also primary orientated for new worlds that started in October to drain money from players who started there again
(as much as they can get) - like previous events Wild West Houseplant sale!, Western Friday sale ...


So guys if I can give you some advice in the futere
1.) Stop buying nuggets, they don't deserve your money
2.) Quit game (even better)

It's been pleasure playing with you guys, but this game is NOTHING like in the old times, total disrespect from the developers/leaders of this game to the remaining players...



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At this point, it's easy to observe the trickle down consequences of these decisions - the markets on most worlds are pretty sparse and don't have much items, unlike last year. Between my friend and myself we have close to 30,000 bonds and in this sale we spent a sum total of 5000 bonds. Many people are doing the same thing, not spending their bonds at all or buying DotD 2018 chests.

Imagine, if people are reluctant to spend ingame currency on this sale, how reluctant would they be to spend real cash and nuggets to buy anything? - I'm pretty sure the figures, if made public would show a drastic drop in revenue when compared to the 2018 christmas sale.

The christmas sale used to be the most popular sale, for both nugget spenders and free players. But to make a sale even remotely successful, you have to make the offerings appealing, which they are not.


I'm almost amazed of how a game's management can be bad in all aspects.

It's almost as if they want this game to fail completely and shut down as soon as possible.

I thank to all people included in Html5 battles but I've played whole year after many many years and I haven't witnessed a single (major) improvement.
Instead, it's keep getting worse and worse.

It was Okay-ish until Union officer madness but then downhill was sky-rocketed, literally.

If u still didn't notice the suckiness of PvP thanks to P2W policy (thru DotD gambling and instant-buy OP nugget sets & upgrades) and outdated mechanics/formulas accompanying it.. and PvP's importance for the game's survival.. instead of PvE (not that PvE is great in the game)
Idk what else to say.

Maybe you will now by looking at the chests/bags bought primarily.
But I highly doubt it.
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Long story short,

Game could survive with less torturing quests, new meh Crafts and all but it will NOT survive without non-P2W balanced PvP.

Money income is needed and we all agree on that.
But DotD event itself and this is the lamest scam way to get it.
Hell, it backfired even, since instead of taking a lesson and fix the issues, you chose to "punish" us
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Staff Sergeant
InnoGames have no intention of coming to their senses
Congrats on ruining the Communities Christmas
You will have plenty of time to experience just how much damage you have done :annoyed: