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Help ! Turks Server-corruption-defraudation-favoritism

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Dear officials and players of the InnoGames,

There was an easter event in the previous days. Our CM Lachryma told us in the forum ‘’You can’t earn an event weapon set(tombstone) in closed worlds.’’ https://prnt.sc/1309s44 .

However , someone on Server 7(bosphorus) winner.

, which is a closed world in TR servers, have won this award.

Bosphorus(server nick) closed 3 days ago before the event was completed

. When me and my friends asked the CM of our the west servers (Lachryma) about ''should we join the easter event race on ''Bosphorus Server'' world ?'' he told us not to.

How can he(dummy acc) be the winner of an unfinished race and a race that players are unaware of. We also think that "dummy acc"(winner of unlegal event) is one of the game management team member.

We suspect that CM showed favor for him. They even told people who applied for support that Bosphorus would be closed and progress would be reset. We think this was for to exclude players from the event. Now there is a 2 weapon sets in our world (tr1) and we think this is unfair.

I hereby request you to take the necessary action(s)..

With my respects, One of the players in Turkısh Server "Dunya 1" zeka3 and koray32

aforementioned persons;
CM : Lachryma
the winner and we suspect he is an admin: Dummy Acc
the other person who won the event fair: Vatansever.

Turks Forum Link : https://forum.the-west.org/index.php?threads/etkinlik-silah-set-yolsuzluğu.17790/

Turks server's managers are uninformed and inexperienced

they don't even respond to our complaints

they did not make any statements about corruption

They are not transparent and honest in matters

The friends in the management mentioned here should now be punished within the rules of the game.

We apologize for translation errors

Al35ul CM

The West Team
Please use the ticket system or PMs to report such issues. As this is the Beta market, such issues should not be posted here however, we are more than happy to assist you with this in a ticket. As such, this thread will now be closed.

Please note that players in worlds which have their registration closed (but the world itself is still playable) can still win premium weapons, they run just like any other world.
Not open for further replies.