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Help! Romanian Servers are dying !! WE NEED CHANGES !


Because they think these clicky-events are good content, but modern sets are reserved for tombolas and nugget sales.
The idea behind the very first clicky event was to create content which rewards activity instead of spending money and to combine this with some kind of mystery quests that have to be figured out by the communities. The path has appearently been abandoned though.

WE wonder why duels formula is BROKEN ! I mean , 1200 Aiming , 1000 appearance and i hit 3/8 against a much weaker opponent !
Keep in mind that the basic duel system was created in a time when people wore mainly items from the town traders and contributed ~100 skill points in a duel. I don't think it was designed with scaling in mind and supposed to work well with a small amount of skill points as well as thousands of them years later.