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Health beverage should change the number of HP instead%


Do absolutely wrong that a low lvl should be paid less than 120lvl high health if such purchase 50%


HP tank is 3000 and max 6000 buy a 50% he gets 3000th

lower lvl as 1500 and can get max 3000 buy a 50% he gets 1500th

The sum is to lvl Less pay more for their health than high hp tank!

The bottles should have a number of credits instead!

for example 700 hp 1400hp 25% 50% 75% 2100hp. is one major credits must be taken more times!


Staff Sergeant
That would fail on the levels... and help the tanks, since you can be a level 50 and have 2000 on health. Somebody duels you, you lose 1600.
If the bottles had a fixed value, you could buy one and get the 2000 health imediatly. But... what about the guy that dueled you? He lost 100, but the lower bottle would give him 500.

That´s why the things should stay on a percentage.
For all levels it gives you a value based on what you have.
Or you should not have 100% of your skills on health...