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Harvest Event 2022 Discussion


Private First Class
I wasn't able to do it either, I assume it also needs the player to have very very low health before it can work.
I found that I was able to do all the other steps to that quest and got the completion for the questline, so decided the reward for this one step wasn't worth the hassle.


Private First Class
when i thought this questline couldnt get any worse, with duel skills its not possible to lose against thief, even without any clothes

Uchiha Madara

Staff Sergeant
@Al35ul CM
Questions for the internal team:

1)What does the internal team think about this quest?
2)Is it worth all that effort to gain 25 bonds and a VIP medal?
3)Why are you still making quests that require for someone to win in PVP? Isn't just the participation enough for you?
4)Will you start making quests that are worth the effort?

As a rare quest lover , I simply cannot understand why you ask for wins in PVP's or make the player waste over half a day of work and make him do tons of 15s for the bare minimum rewards? I have completed all quests in the game and seeing quests like this really makes me feel disgusted about the game and about how many times the players asked for WINS in PVP's to be removed or simply changed to just participation.
Funny how we didn't get any answers


After giving your opinion about the update. tw-hu

Uchiha Madara

Staff Sergeant
Shouldn't non English posts get deleted? Not trying to be an a..... but not everyone can speak/understand Hungarian or any other language. Same goes in game , there are a lot of people talking in Polish or Hungarian in the Saloon ( sometimes they do alone when not a single person answers to them, I have no idea why lol ) considering this is an English speaking server with different languages as settings to help those who somehow struggle with English. If you speak to your friend speak in whispers , not all Saloon 130+ players want to see something they do not understand , also there should be mods for this stuff, or at least open a topic and write that this is an English speaking server , where are the mods here? Sleeping? Probably.

P.S. Don't hate me , this is actually the truth , no one want's to read anything else than what they understand , if you have trouble with English then use Google Translate or DeepL , maybe it won't be translated 100% accurate but the people who read it will at least understand it. My English is decent but sometimes there are words in Greek which I cannot describe in English hence I use translate , nothing to be ashamed of. I could easily go in Saloon and SPAM like other players do in their own language in Greeklish ( Greek but in English letters ) then not a single player would understand what I'm saying and they will never be able to translate it because it's not translatable , but I'm not like that.
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