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Game ideas my thoughts

Rowdy Tcat

Hi, I noticed we have constant events, limited time to acquire sets, and could use some more options in this game for things to do.

The constant events actually takes away from time to farm products.

I propose either making all set gear available at all times or more often. This would make the game money and help people gear up. To me if new I would see the way it is now as a big turn off. Plus it sucks to wait a whole year for a piece of gear. On world's like Enew it's nearly impossible to find gear.

I also would like to see maybe some of the time of the constant events diverted to making some new game features. I have a few ideas and think others may as well.

1. A casino with poker, roulette table, black jack. With maybe some cowboy music like they have in the movies. Maybe even put some of the event tokens there to earn instead of just jobs and duels. Even a bar fight would be nice now and then.

2. Bare knuckle fighting. Use dueling tactics but have where levels don't matter. Maybe earn different fighting gear for cosmetics or stats. Then work way through ranks, who would be the champ.

3. Rodeo with different events. Roping, bronco busting, bull riding and c!owns, be the clown that stays the longest at poker table as a bull charges table (not sure what they call this).

4. Train robbers, rob a train win experience, money, and drops.

5. Rob banks, same as train robbing.

6. Jail breaks, break out of jail with friends.

7. Lead a posse after a fugitive by tracking, arresting or shooting the fugitive.

8. Alliance cattle drives to earn money, experience, products, and alliance ranking (could add some events above into alliance ranking)

Well I think this would really add to the game. Maybe others have ideas too. I just think the endless events are repetitious and take a way any farming time. I think this would really help the game grow and keep members more interested.

I didn't see a spot to add this on the forum but saw others posting their ideas and thoughts so I would have it a shot. Curious of what others think including devs.
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Rowdy Tcat

Had a couple of after thoughts.

1. Build a cabin, farm, or ranch that you build, put decor, and maintain. It doesn't need to be for everyone to see on the map. Have some cosmetic items or beneficial items you can make make, buy at auction, or buy from the shop.

Log cabin that you maintain. Also set and maintain a trapping route around area you live.

Farm home that you make and maintain a small farm with animals and vegetables.

Ranch house that you build and maintain house, and cattle, or sheep.

2. Also I thought you could sale in shop an extra crafting slot. If not a regular craft a side hustle. Being a Doctor, Dentist, Store owner, Restaurant owner, Laundry shop, Bath house, Stable owner, etc.


Anything new (new games/mechanics) would be always welcome!
1. The casino, in times was a multiplayer game but eventually they took it away (don't remeber why)
2. Different mechanics about Duels or even Forts is a must!

The cabin one (city building type) isn't really of my liking...so many other games do it, meh (even InnoGames game's)

I could actually see maybe some king of Action House (separated from the Market) Which would sell Every Week/Month a Chest with the most requested Set of Clothes, The One that gets Actions the most (blindly) WINS, the chests could also be Auctioned in Nuggets (for InnoGames Wallets :x )