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Discussion in 'World 3 (Enewetak)' started by DuelKrokkodil, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. DuelKrokkodil

    DuelKrokkodil Reservist

    Oct 18, 2009
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    Where can you find the places to construct forts? I've been searching on the map and I can't find any spots.
  2. Ptitnabab

    Ptitnabab Guest

    When I look at the mini map I have grey fort with the info "Build fort".
    There's 3 places on each County.

    Try to hide the background of the map for a betterlook.
  3. i think you see them first you have enough points in town but thats only a posibility i think!
  4. yeah thats right but you can't see them on the map and that's what he mean i think ;)
  5. Ptitnabab

    Ptitnabab Guest

    OK, I understand, sorry.

    I suppose the same.