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Fort battles - tanks

Don Coreggon

Hello I want to ask you:
When you are a tank you have lower chances to evade or to hit your target and when you are not a dueller class, that leads to you getting low experience... Or is it just me seeing that like this? I am a tank and in every battle i get max 1500 experience. And some builders with dueller class who gave som crits gets 3000+ xp every fight. I am wondering if is it worth for me to play tank... What is your opinion or what can you tell me about this?


There is an opportunity cost - more points invested in HP means less points invested in skills that would give you a higher chance to hit/dodge. That being said, tanks have the most dodges since they have more HP to dodge with.

The way xp is calculated is more favoured to duellers since they can deal 2k+ in one shot by pure chance which for a low level character might be equal to 10 shots landed. That makes it a lot easier for a low level dueller to regularly get 3k+ xp. Eventually you will get max experience nearly every battle, so don't let that concern you too much. Play what you enjoy and what the team needs :)


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I participated in a large fort battle last night as a offliner on Arizona.net in which 240 other participants attended, before the battle I had to bump my HP from 7K to my optimum fort build of 12K in which I had to use several HP buffs, I also activated a skill and damage buff as well as my premium character and sacrificed whatever energy I had left for the battle. I set my target according to the Generals instructions which was a South Wall position. I logged in about 30 minutes into the battle and my character was already in the grave. Once the battle concluded I opened up the battle report and I had received 1K XP and 6 bonds for my effort even though I sacrificed much more in order to attend. Hardly an incentive for players to attend battles but on the other hand I can place all my advent SP/AP on leadership so I can slip into my fort clothes from my work clothes without having to buff HP then set a position behind the offies and onliners and just shoot through the gate and obtain maximum (or close to) XP and bonds. Can we look at changing the reward system to reflect XP and bonds based on the number of attendees similar to the event currency reward system?
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While i don't agree with your sentiment that you should look to your own personal rewards above the team effort to win the battle (and offliners play a huge part in that by taking shots for the onliners), I wholeheartedly agree that rewards from fort battles need a big re-balancing, and I've have been saying that for a long time. HP adventurers are the strongest class in defences, but get the least rewards, while duellers are directly rewarded with exp and bonds because of their class bonus, which is a little frustrating.


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We are in total agreeance lulu although I think you misinterpreted my comments a little but no matter, we arrive at the same conclusion in that a offie who does the right thing by the team doesn't get rewarded for their efforts compared to a selfish individual who doesn't follow the Generals instructions and sets themselves a shooting position rather than a blocking position in order to survive and shoot longer for potentially better rewards based on the current system.


Adventurers having biggest impact, but their bonus is kinda bad tbh, ye you are able to block sectors, but with dmg what can you deal now, full hp adventurer is suicuide because your chance is still only 25/50% s so one critic/or not even critic when you can hit even for 800 is kinda rip. On the other hand duellers can be nearly afk whole battle, but they have still 6k exps just for standing and having lucky crits.. Tanks can have massive amount of hp/Or they dont have to put there every point because of their bonus, and workers are beasts now.. Im kinda sad. Its really unbalanced but maybe its just my opinion as adventurer, you can block sectors but for the cost of "dodge count" so you dont have exps even thanks to that in the end..In my opinion adventurer needs a little rework too, or the fort reward system. Have a nice day all of you, sorry for my kinda meh english. :-)