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Finding a solution for xp gained


Because they set XP requirements like that, it's not their goal to get to level 250 quickly and easily. The average player is level 180, so it takes about 10 years to reach level 250. They certainly won't double the easy XP because then it would take 5 years to get there, and that's not their goal.
If they drastically increase the XP that can be gained from jobs then those who have a lot of time (and money) will have a big advantage. They would reach level 250 in 5 years, while the average player( who doesnt do 15sec jobs) would only be at level 210. That's too big level difference and many would complain about it. So it is better for them if the active players can progress slowly and are only a few levels ahead of the majority.

What I'm hoping for is that they'll increase the new works XP a bit more (+20%) to really make it feel stronger.
Also they need to save the PVP part of the game. They should double the XP reward for ff and increase the XP reward for duels in comparison The reward for higher level quest should be multiplied.
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Just bring back the XP Potion in the VIP Shop.
Only if you can buy 5 per week , then yes

I would not support this in any way. It would be the best source of XP at high level. In fact anyone who wants to improve faster would be forced to play with it. And all the people forced into it would just cause strife. Someone would want to push it seriously, and the majority would just monotonously put their character in without paying attention and only go for the rewards.
I'd do the same during church building, but I'd make a deal with my other worldly friend that we'd always take care of each other's victories.

Very few people like adventure, so I wouldn't force it without a serious game element change. Artificially increasing the number of players doesn't mean we'd have good games.

So XP potions should not be brought back, but there could be XP rewards at the end. For example, I could imagine XP around a duel XP.


hi i say more quest that gives xp potions as reward and not the clothes we get all the time we have to much clothes specialy if you bean playing 14 15 yrs
I do not like the crying for possibilities to level as soon as possible. it is good tha reaching lvl 250 is not possible within a few months.

on the other side it is true that the new high level quests do not have a good relation of XP to lvl.
in lower levels there are questlines which take some effort such as many hours work and finding items with very low drop rate. but on the other side they gave total xp to lvl up one or more lvls till completion.