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Fantasy Ideas about the game

Uchiha Madara

Staff Sergeant
Hello , in this thread we can give our fantasy ideas. What I mean about Fantasy Ideas , simple , it's an idea about the game that chances of being implemented are slim hence you only fantasize about them :njub:

Please be friendly to each other , don't insult other players , if you think you can add something to another ones idea feel free to do it , also feel free to suggest any idea.

I had this idea for a long time and since I don't believe any of the following that I will write will ever happen , it's good to fantasize about it maybe more players will like it and MAYBE InnoGames like it as well.

Fort battles , we all love them , majority of the player base are playing this game only for the battles. I thought about why is in general the Fort battle window so small? Why not make the Fort Battle window as big as the Adventure window? If this is possible then I can continue with the following:

In a normal battle , we have tanks and damagers with their respective sets , introduce sets that are for supporters ( support = supports the main battalion , repairs the bridge , easy access in water and underwater fighting , healing of your allies etc etc )

There should be 3 new roles in Fort Battles.

Healer = Heals the lowest and the closest ally to the healer , the more HP the healer has , the more healing he can do. Special ability , heal 2 players per round every 4 rounds.
Swimmer = Easy access in water so he can infiltrate the walls or have underwater fights, the more Swimming points you have the less rounds it will take to cross the water/lake. Special ability , have 25% increased dodge.
Repairer = Repairs the bridge if it gets destroyed by the enemy , the more points he has in Repairing the less rounds it will take to repair. Special ability , boost weapon damage by 5%. Repairer can also construct battering rams , cannons etc etc but need more rounds to do so.

For every fort there should be a different terrain, there are a lot of things possible , I will add a few examples that me and my friend came up with:
Forest surrounding the big sectors outside the fort ( bigger dodge chance for attackers )
Swamp ( lower movement = you will need less moves than normally to do what you will have to do )
Water surrounding the fort ( only access from Gate ) here come the swimmers and the repairers.
High grass , normal grass , rocky landscape , impassable rocks , different weather types which influences the movement , dodge and aim.
And a lot of other things...

Have abilities as in Adventures:

Shoot and move
counts as 1 skill
Critical Hit: You have 50% chance to crit in your next shot ( doesn't matter if you are not a dueler ) Possible to use every 5 rounds.
Catch me if you can: You have 50% chance to dodge all incoming shots , possible to use every 5 rounds.
Poison in the air: You have 50% chance to inflict grievous wounds to the player you shoot , possible to use every 3 rounds ( Grievous wounds counts as 20% of your damage dealt ) the player that got shot loses HP for the next 3 rounds.
High Mobility: In the next round you can move up to 2 sectors instead of 1, possible to use every 5 rounds
Kamikaze: You have 70% chance to blow up the gate but 100% chance to die in the next round. Possible to use anytime.

Like I said before , this is a fantasy idea but feel free to add anything you want and who knows maybe InnoGames like some of our ideas.:whistle::njub: