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English text errors:


why don't you use the damn edit function? also is it an english text error? no it's not. it's german like everything else that needs to be translated after implementing


Du hast einen Bericht erhalten: 'Battle report: Langneks fort'
The battle is over. The chat room 'Langneks fort' will be closed at 20:42:19.
Fellow citizen mennik is now a town's councillor!
Fellow citizen mennik is now a town's founder!

20:47: You have left the room Langneks fort.
The ally vanlock2 has been promoted! He has reached level 8!

Mennik is not a fellow-citizen, he's fellow alliance-member.

rev 12848


After opening a wodden box

Use item?
Do you want to use it? You will get the following advantages:
Contains an item
Vorhandene Stärkungen werden dabei ersetzt.

Last Line (yes, it's in german) gives no sense (even if it would be in English).


"You are constructing a Medium-sized fort." (in the activity display above the map)
That should be definitely a lowercase medium-sized one ;)

Most likely the same with big & small forts, if the according strings are taken from the .. erm... descriptions in the fort profile, for example ("Fort size: Medium-sized fort")
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When you hover over the Dexterity attribute, it says: Dexterity influences you fine motor skills. It helps you with any tasks where you have to work very precise or where you have aim well.

It helps you with any tasks where you have to work very precise
The word "precise" is an adverb describing the verb work; therefore, change "precise" to "preciseLY", making it an adverb.

It helps you with any tasks...where you have aim well.
There are no jobs where you need to aim. :hmpf: But if you mean that dexterity helps aim, say: It helps with any tasks...or WHEN you have TO aim well.

I rule at English. I know.


...There are no jobs where you need to aim. :hmpf: ...
I rule at English. I know.
Well, the text says nothing about jobs, only tasks.
Duels and fort battles are tasks as well, oh greatest English ruler
of them all! :p


the achievement name hasn't anything to do with the distance, it refers to a song title


Private First Class
In the Achievements Box under items --> collections: the collection for the fine belts the title is correct, but the text inside the Acheivement says: Collect all fancy belts.

Darth Maul 2

Duel text in german

It looks like the duel text in duel windows are in german. Why so?


Introduction (Tobacco shortage)

I have a bit problem --> I have a big problem

Introduction (Fresh fish)

all my fishes are rotten --> all my fish are rotten

down to the river --> down to the stream
(to avoid confusion between stream and river fishing)
Nothing wrong with "fishes". It is an acceptable plural of fish. Old English maybe but not wrong...;)

I find more german errors than english but the "bit" problem was funny.

Doc Montague

Mobile trader

The text for the mobile trader is still in German?


The end of the auction it says this:

Dein Gegenstand (2) Fancy Stetson wurde nicht verkauft. Du kannst den Gegenstand beim Markt wieder abholen.


Hi, I found a text error and reported it as a bug, so that I can get 5 nuggets. If I don't, I'll post it here.


It's still waiting for confirmation by the CoMa or a Dev.
When will he/they confirm it? Seems simple enough to me. Do they need a screenshot or something?

By the way, who IS the CM of the beta server?