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Easter event 2020 discussion


Station manager's resistance is really low compared to zapata and livingston.

Duelling set with a regen bonus, is this really useful? Nope, could be better. Also weapon damages are too low[even lower than mountain farmer(2018 set)]

Free set? 11 pieces for +40% Product drop chance and +50% Regeneration only, absolute trash.


On the one hand i am extremely happy that this will be a fully free event for me with not a single nugget spent on sets that would feel right at home 5 years ago, on the other hand i am very disappointed that InnoGames still does not see any problem with the damage dealt in fort fights with Union, Phoebe and Murrieta sets and gives us a new ff set that can on only be described as an insult to our intelligence.


yep, the new set are absolute trash, locomotive engineer weakest then baker set,station manager lower then sherman set wich is already super weak,bounty hunter weaker then all previos duel set, and the free set no point to say something is the worst free set ever even in 2016 we can find better free sets


Strange choices in weapons also, the weapons for the duelling set have +1.1 damage per lvl, while those of the speed set have +1.2.
Also the weaponset for the winner of the event has underwhelming damage: +1.1 dmg per lvl on duelling weapons & +2.1 dmg per level on the gun compared to 1.2 for duelling weapons & 2.4 for guns on previous year.
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Honestly I don't know what's up with growing weaker and weaker Fort Battle Tank sets, including Nugget one(s) like the big joke J.Fry ..

Then first xmas set being useless, then "Free" Event sets..
Why do we get a new Speed set already anyways? Not like Baker was long ago.

And by chance, on top of all this, if they make a new Nugget set Sale with an OP FF Damager set again.. I'm outta here..
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Most people complain that they release only OP sets, when they release something not that OP ppl complain again..
Power spike is already high enough, no need for more better and better sets every single event.
First focus on making resistance % based as stated many times. Then give us some new fort battle set to be able to survive strong DPS sets already ingame.
Again i have to say, i like overall graphic design of new sets tho. :>


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Most people complain that they release only OP sets, when they release something not that OP ppl complain again
Honestly I am all for non-OP things but it's a bit too late for going back.. All servers have 'em.
Sooo.. just, don't let a Power-Creep again. But now.. we are going back some few years lol

And yea.. That FF Damage issue still going on..
Union/Mosey is out there.. Not nerfed or anything.. And Murrieta ain't "weak" either.
First focus on making resistance % based as stated many times
*and damage bonuses
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As others have already pointed out, some of the sets this event appear weaker than sets from over a year ago. Mostly that's perfectly fine, we don't really need more OP sets, especially damager ones. But, when it comes to tank sets, we pretty much need them to be OP or atleast solid. Better tank sets mean tanks will last much longer and as a consequence, we will have battles that go on for the full 54 rounds, making them much more interesting.

The idea to add in individual bonuses to the pieces is a great idea, and it's good to see the addition of defense bonus to the set - it's a step in the right direction. But, the defense bonus - (+5 on clothes and +3 on animal set) is much lower than the phoebe clothes and weapons. The skill point bonuses are also not better than zapata's set that came out over a year ago. I'd like to see the skills boosted significantly, and clothes bonuses increased to something like +85 resistance and +8 defense, animal bonus to +40 resistance and +8 defense. Then it would certainly have a positive impact on the overall flow of battles.


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Whoever making these decisions about FF Tank sets must be "forgetting" the Sector Damage Bonuses of the Sets (Murrieta, Union etc) , which every single person in the sector can get use of (as doubled with Damage formula) , and assuming every Damager using Phoebe Mosey, although there is no Mount set of it.

I can't find a better explanation to these all-around weak numbers otherwise.

Btw Wiki and in-game we are shown 70 resist for clothing set (which still not good enough to compete with Zapata) but Mount set still 20.
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Two simultaneous events will only happen on beta, we need the extra time for testing.
Please just tell me how or what tests have been done really?
How many people even have the full Set(s)? How to test "effectively" in such short amount of time without getting items for free?

Okay lets assume that they are somehow tested still..
But if that was the case, someone would've noticed that something is VERY wrong. (Someone who has knowledge of the Game that is!)

Fwiw, I still see the same weak, year 2015 values, on .Net forum.
As if all those OP Damager sets were removed from the game..

If only, Resistance & Damage bonuses were Percentage based.
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the fun part is the thread has gone dead after only 1 page of replies. Tells you how hopeless people have become to even bother to give feedback.


ok, here is more feedback regarding the tombola. i have spun close to 20 times on the 9000 eggs category and now i have enough shoes and belts to wallpaper my house. Yet i only managed to get 1 shirt and zero pants. Looks like the drop rates difference within the same category cannot be more extreme. Anyone else in similar predicament as me or is it just me that apparently needed some more shoes and belts in my inventory?