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Duelling Classes

Which character class(es) are the best for duelling?

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(Pick two options if you believe they are equal.)
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Upto lvl 110 (highest weapon lvl) the soldier class is the best (due to their ability to wield weaponry 3 lvls earlier or 6 with premium), but after that the duellers have an advantage on the soldiers.


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Dueller class I like, with premium I have got 30 minutes radius, I can do fast my duels, and with ground rocket turtle shell buff I have got intercontinental colt :)
Soldier good if you use only melee weapons or put skill tactics and dodging.


The West Team
Dev Team
Soldier good if you use only melee weapons or put skill tactics and dodging.
Not true, their hp and tactics bonuses work on gear bonuses too, which provides a critical edge for ranged duellers. Strength based duellers, on the other hand, already have all the hp they need and thanks to the new sets are far less likely to have any gear boosting tactics.
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I don't think class makes a big difference anymore at level 120 for winning duels.
The only advantage of dueller class is that you can duel 15 minutes (or 30 min) away and that you get more money but that's it.

Being number 1 dueller as an adventurer or worker is as easy as being a soldier or dueller.


I'll give the edge to Dueller for the 15min (premium 30 min)-radius.

I agree soldiers can go on longer without replenishing their health.

Perhaps soldiers have an advantage with incoming duels (because of the tactics-bonus), but overall I still think Duellers.

I guess it mostly depends on if you use a gun or a knife :P and on the target you're duelling ;)


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Soldier any day. It remains the only class that has bonuses that have the potential to alter the outcome of a duel. The dueller radius is a convenience but in the long run you're only saving yourself a bit of time which won't make you a better dueller and can't qualify it as a better duelling class, since it still doesn't actually help you win duels. Not to mention the fact that if you're a high level exp dueller all your targets are going to be more than 30 minutes away.

The soldier bonuses, on the other hand, can make a lot of difference. I know the lack of HP was one of the main reasons I found it difficult to string duels together as a ranged adventurer a few years ago and had to respec to melee resistance, and the tactics bonus was a killer back in the day. Even in the current duel system 200 tactics is a lot better than 100 tactics considering no one has more than 200 appearance any more.

Mr NiceGuy

Since the Easter-Tombola I think it's the soldier class because of the health point bonus. If you're a soldier with Doc's set, you're nearly unbeatable.

But on the new map the dueler class has also advantages. It's possible to duel nearly every player on the map with the right outfit and just 2 miutes waytime. So the tortoise powder isn't needed anymore.

In summary I would say, that Doc's set and the soldier class is the best outfit for defensive duels, but if you want to be the attacker, it's much more easier to handle with the dueler.


The HP bonus for the soldier is nice and all, and I've thought about going pure HP before, but I've always enjoyed dueling. I'd probably just pick a dueler mainly because of the crits he can do in fort fights.
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The best dueller is the soldier ...
and the best battler is the duelist (for his big damage)

In the westforts for example, always the tops are duelist