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Duel Protection

Should passing out on a job afford you duel protection?

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Duelists beginners attack tanks/battlers and this affects the morale of these, I think it's good to have that protection option to prevent this annoying you a bad duelist and assuming those duels
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father jack

Private First Class
There is only one difference between Zeros and normal duellers. Normal duellers hit anyone for xp. Zeros just hit anyone. So what is the problem

I know xp duellers who camp people for xp just to get top of the rankings. No one moans about them

My point is there are good and bad on both sides. Its up to InnoGames to find the balance :whistle:

Maybe a fair duel ranking? Come to think of it. Maybe fair in all ranking :up:

Victor Kruger

Here we go again with dont hurt me im not playing this game to actually get dueled from time to time, god forbid ! .... im going to rename this game... little house on the prairie.... laura ingles school kit up on the 4th of july :up:
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