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[Discussion] The West turns 8!


Staff Sergeant
Boosted experience points:
From Tuesday, May 3rd to Monday, May 9th, you will be able to claim a Beans and bacon soup as a thank you gift of our ongoing birthday celebration that gives you a health, energy, motivation and experience bonus by consuming it. The item is active for 48 hours and the effect can be renewed every 9 hours.
Shouldn't that be 8 hours and not 48 hours


Master Sergeant
After you first use the item, it will indeed be destroyed in 48 hours.
How do we get it if we accidentally clicked marked as read, when the advert poped up.

It cant be found in the server info tabs


Staff Sergeant
I used the Bean and Bacon Soup buff earlier today and it started the countdown from 8 hours
I then started doing Lead a Trade Office and I used a Honey Wine buff for the 20% improved luck and it overwrote the Bean and Bacon Soup
It's over 8 hours since I used the Bean and Bacon Soup but it's no longer available
Is it a bug?


My Bean and Bacon Soup disappeared

I used my Bean and Bacon Soup ... it went away, but timed out for the 8 hours, but nothing to reuse ...


Master Sergeant
So far I like the new quest. It brings on some very much needed activity on the servers.
Quests like this as weekly or daily, - but with rewards that makes them worth doing = more than one bond would be great.

It might bring about weekly ff with many more players even on small servers.