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Discussion: Job Durations

Which system do you prefer?

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The West Team
Dev Team
Before our game designers make a decision tomorrow, we would like to receive final feedback on the job durations. Currently, several possibilities exist:

  1. The 15 second – 30 minutes – 2 hour system currently in place.

    This system is designed to account for tutorial level players that require snappy job durations, old folk that mourn the days of the original two-hour job system and active players that frequent the game every couple of hours. Unfortunately in pleasing everybody it isn't the most flexible solution.
  2. The 15 second – 10/15 minutes – one hour system recently proposed.

    This system is designed to appeal to those still accustomed to the 1.X job system. Scheduling work with lean "medium" times offers much greater flexibility than 2.X for active players, but no worms for slow birds.
  3. Either of the above, but the short duration that scales with your level.

    Taking either/any medium and long job durations you prefer, the short duration would vary based on your level. Initially it starts at 15 seconds, soon increasing to 30 seconds, but by level 50 it becomes 3 minutes and finally 6 minutes when you hit triple digits.
  4. Either of the above, but unlockable longer times from quest milestones.

    Headed into a New Adventure? Here's fifteen seconds of your life back everytime you hit the start job button. Finished your class quest? Take a two and a half minute breather. Finally finished Hope Dies Last? Take another three. Quest extensions optional, of course.

The fifteen second job time is here to stay, it's undeniably necessary for the tutorial, but it doesn't have to be used by everyone. It's time for the Speed Round of Who Can Reassure the Game Designers? (So remember – respect of leave, to avoid using a more colourful acronym.)
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Lord Alex der 1

german worlds there was a difference: old worlds had job times 30 sek -2hour and new worlds were 15 sek - 1 hour i'm not sure why devs changed it but may that reason could be a point at this discussion too :)


in my opinion from the above options, 3 makes the most sense.

And just to make sure : this topic is regarding job duration only. Will other issues that were raised after intro of 2.04 also be looked at?


My vote went to option 3 also.

I wouldn't mind option 1 either. It gives a player the option to put in 8 hours of work (4x 2 hours) in case you happen to be at work/school (etc.). That way you can use the energy and offline-time more efficient ;).


...and we can't have 4 durations ?

15 seconds it's nuts..! It don't make sense.... I tested it yesterday. Basic job : felling trees
Time 15s
Money $ 14
Pacific Bonds 0
Experience 2 Points
Luck $ 0
A big branch falls on you. You hurt your shoulder.
You lose 466 health points.
Using all my energy on the 15-seconds jobs, I found 1 wood and lost about 1000 HP :blink:

Longer work --> biggest chances to find an item/product. Please.



Of course the 3. choice. I think it's the best.
When you are level20+, you have 1% chance for every 15sec work, so it's not an option for anybody, then you only can do 30min and 2h works. It's against the active players.
Scaling short time would be the best! (with 2h works of course :P)


Best is to choose ourselves best timing.
Higher level,longer time and ofc with longer time more luck,money,xp.
So this is good


What's wrong with 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours?
That would be good :) And for the beginners, you can change the 5 mintues

Billy Blue

When the game first started it was almost perfect... Good changes have been made over time, but wrong decisions always come along with the good ones.

The time duration of jobs were one of them, at the start of The-West we could chose 10min-30min-1H-2H it was perfect...
But if we need to chose one of the option above we might as well chose #3, it is the most similar too the original one.

The clothes greatly improved
Fort Fights are excellent
The duels are getting better
The graphics are almost too good.

But the jobs are getting too hard, the products don´t come out as much and the items that we find are getting worse and more and more rare too find.

Tanks :up:


What's wrong with 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours?
That would be good And for the beginners, you can change the 5 mintues .
I think that system would be great

gh0s7 rid3r

Private First Class
Option 2. I voted 4 but after i read what all options are about.
Two hours jobs are too much. Much better is that maximum time to be one hour and the chance for products to be the same as now in two hors. If the work time is one hour and the products finding chances is halved we have no changes and we go nowhere.
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I am a active player, thats why i voted 2. ( one hour )

BTW diggo , i like your new sign :p


option 3:

short job: 15 sec to 5 min (acording to level)
medium job: 30 min
long job: 2 hours

if possible 4 job duration options, a medium long job of 1 hour will be apreciated
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Master Sergeant
I font know how this system can be made to work - it is not just the job times that is a problem.

Why this - all jobs possible at level 120 - I fell lost and without any challenge left.

This may be great for duellist- but that is just not me.
And 2 hours is too long - especially when the drop rates are like they are now.

I had to chose 2 - I like 3- but I don't want the jobs to be 2 hours. 1-10 minutes and 1 hour is fine.
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Lance Corporal
2 hours is too long - it keeps people away from the game.

5 minutes, 15 minutes & 1 hour intervals would be ideal.

Would like to see labor points also impact on the drop rates while still keeping versions 2.04 of job availability dependent on level.


I'd prefer scaling with level (if you unlock it by quests, there's always this uncertainity if you find the right products for completing the neccessary quests...)

And I've voted for both 1 & 2 hour options; if the drop rates for products stay the same, 2 hours is even the minimum; if they get adjusted (heavily raised) I could also live with the 1 hour option.