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[Discussion] InnoGames TV - June Episode


Private First Class
Former Team Member
Dear community,

Please use this thread to discuss the June episode of InnoGames TV. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your The West Team


Former Team Member
I'm not sure what type of feedback you expect from us, mine is the same as the last two or three times, No West.

Anny Hudson

Private First Class
Really? What kind of feedback does InnoGames really expect from The West community after they exclude The West from each of its episodes? When was the last time something useful was mentioned about the game in their episodes, when the was last big development in the game? As far as I remember the last biggest development to the game was the upgrading items feature. It has been 13 months since that feature has been implemented. Development has slowed down, InnoGames has given up on the game basically - I know that, you know that, InnoGames knows that and it shows.

So, asking for feedback from The West community is basically like trolling the community now. Please, stop the trolling.
Since The West is not featured can we eliminate the other games from the TV Episode as well and just let Diana talk for the entire 8 minutes or so and with Summer fast approaching maybe a beach and bikini theme, featuring Diana of course.
Same as above from last 2 times.
I think it was helpful that there was a written description of what was in it. Since the west wasn't mentioned, it showed me that I did not have to waste my time watching it.