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[Discussion] Changelog 2.36


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Dear community,

Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming version 2.36.

Kind regards,
Your The West Team


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What is the 31st achievement in adventures then?

I know how to do them all except that one :P


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Now they must really be desperate for money :p

You think you seen the worst of InnoGames greed but they never stop amazing us when it comes to that...

Selling farm animals - the pride in the ones great game is long gone....

Now they have no shame - just greed :(


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The adventure part of the game is a flop - the idea was maybe nice - but it does not work.

Putting request in the quest to do adventures does not fix it- you will not get enough players who want to sit and wait for hours just by putting it in quest.

I dont want to have duels imposed on me - and after that I sure does not want to impose them on others. You say you can just lose then by choice - not an option - and we actually still get punished for doing just that on dk server. And how can any sane person want people in a game suggest that we lose by choice ??

I stopped duelling long time ago - when the option to remove yourself from them was removed - only thing I have in game now is quests and craft and a ff now and then - though they are not working any longer either.

Putting requests in to do the stuff that is broken is not going to fix it.

For me it just leave me sitting with the feeling that now there is one more thing I cant do in the game (the quests)- making it easier and easier to say the final goodbye to a once great game ...

Why dont you start fixing the game - instead of trying to force what is clearly not working down our throat ?


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the two hidden achievements for adventures are

Kenny for 100 points : being knocked out 5 times in the same adventure

who has never sinned for 50 points : without a rifle (equipped with [item=100000] then) knock out 5 players (hopefully not in the same adventure)


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I've done it. Just 5 kills with the stone, no need for it to be in the same adventure.