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[Discussion] Changelog 2.33.4


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Dear community,

Please use this thread to discuss our latest update! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Your The West Team


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For a limited time you can buy an item in the shop which allows you to lower your duel level from 450 to 449. This only affects your current duel level, not your total duel xp in the rankings.
Wow, a duel level decrease of ONE lvl :rolleyes::lol:

Btw, what about the issue, that some people got a second nutcracker instead of a FP at the repeatable questline? Will this missing FP given to the players with this update?

Chief Gall

The yage is probably for players that were far beyond duellevel 450 in the past.

Their duellevel got reduced to 450 but for losing duel experience it is still calculated by their old value so they need much longer than someone who was just little over 450.

And I hope you did not forget the sp for double nutcracker innogames!