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Day of the Dead 2022 Discussion


The West Team
That's...good, i guess. The defense is the same, both of them (hp and defense) should have been increased. But it's an improvement nevertheless.
Yeah, I know it's not the biggest change but it's something.
Most players will get the full set. If it's way too strong, it becomes OP on the new worlds.

Who can Halloween anemones? Maybe others have the problem like me? ID:20600
You are not alone, @BaggyBlue. Other players are having this issue, not just on Beta.


Lance Corporal
just add more quests/events with reward of exp potions (flat 5% or 10% exp potion for example depending on quest complexity). It will give a good boost for higher levels.

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
@Loki Is this intentional or a bug? You cant equip the weapon if you are below 20 level


p.s I couldn't add the


Master Sergeant
In the forum at the announcement Day of the Dead. In the Set. Are the chests of Traditional Colombian Set and Set of the Skeleton present!

But when you open the game of Loteria de Muertos are no chests of the set present



Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team


Private First Class
what about bugged halloween quest on normal worlds? update was today but the quest ended yesterday?