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Crafting Event 2021 Discussion


We are aware of this and it will be fixed soon. Please sned us a ticket if you are one of the affected profession classes :).
I have the same problem and I send two tickets. The first answer was that the bug is already known. And the second...
[report=1362529052503f7aaef]Your bugreport was rejected.[/report]

But no word about the missing blacksmith recipe


Private First Class
Nice try with the login announcement ingame, but no cookies.
Big announcement but the bugs still exist, and e.g. the fieldcook is still not able to continue past the first quest!


Why and why is the article an empty glass still not in the shop On Sunday, June 13th, 2021 there is a strengthening event ?

"InnoGames was recognized as one of the ′′ best employers in IT 2021 ′′! This beauty - which belongs to all of our colleagues - has just arrived at the bottom of Great Place to Work Germany. source InnoGames The one where everything is forgotten !!! :lol: