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Craft Products



I would like to register an idea for improving the game.

After a lot of suffering in order to raise the legal points of my account in Louisiana-BR, I ended up discovering that the following product:

Import tax certificate

As you can see, it is only active for 8 hours. The problem is that it can only be forged every 4 days. How is that possible? It doesn't make any sense, this issue needs to be reviewed and corrected as soon as possible, as it is like a real BUG. You need many products for this forge and it will be useless if it can only be forged every 4 days, the correct thing would be to release the immediate forge of how many the player wishes to forge, as long as he has the necessary products.

Another issue that can be revised to improve the game is the product:
Ghostly Music

As you can see above, this product only works for 8 uses, which makes it completely unfeasible to be forged for use. For this product to be useful it needs to be modified to run for hours, making it desirable, marketable and thus improving a simple question in the game.

Let's improve the game my dears, just listen to the players!