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New Issue Could it be a bug?

ray collins

Player: ray collins
World: Alamogordo
Quest: "Baskets on a Wild Prairie"

For several days I have completed the "Baskets on a Wild Prairie" mission, which means I have found the 100 required baskets, but it turns out I did not finish the mission.
Consequently, in the "achievements" the event is not concluded.
I add that I also completed the quest "A kingdom of dreams".


ray collins

Please contact support if you don't have the achievement.
Dear Leon,
I followed your advice and I contacted the Support. Unfortunately, after two months, my report is still open and I have never heard about the problem and the possible solution.
Could you be kind enough to tell me what to do?
Thank you and good evening

ray collins

Of course I'm sure, my friend, as you can see from the screenshot that I attached. (As long as I was good enough to be able to include it in this report)
Can I continue to have hope?

Bye, Ray