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Complete Your Independence Day Sets Discussion


Master Sergeant
Harvester Set, Western Friday Set and Lonely Cowboy Set. All CS Nugget Sale where I have found in the wiki from head to toe and saddle with horse. Yes and guns


You're right Baggy. There are only 3 complete sets (with 11 pieces) which can be bought exclusively with nuggets. Although harvester's weapons can be obtained for free, let's still take these into account. So 3 sets. 3 sets from dozens. These 3 are the exceptions! It would be normal for the unionist items not to be complete.

Lucky clover can be obtained for free, Caribbean set don't have weapons.


Master Sergeant
WhyN0t Excuse me, the set of the assistant cook's set can be said to be complete even if it doesn't have a horse or anything. Has there for 10 items


let there be a new horse set for oktoberfest .. what im saying make a union riding set thats going to be better then it..

if theres going to be a union set better then all damager sets.. then there has to be a riding set with it to be better then all riding..
it just has to make sense
yall make a union riding set
yall make a bunch of money
people still get a damager set but slightly worst but still better then joaquin

this will be a great investment for ya ..


Master Sergeant
Artem124 You have not noticed that when our Community Al35ul CM writes an email to Leitente Community that he always gets a NO when they read from Union!?
More does not have to write or???


what the hell are you talking about...you used to come with cortina in attack and now they release a weapon set for attack that is vastly superior to it and you say it's not worth buying it :lol:

and then the other asks for union which completely messed up the game when people used to wear j adams, pizarro and zapata as tank sets
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It's not that great to be honest. It may seems way stronger than cortina's because it has hiding instead of setting traps, but overall, you don't get that much attack/defense from it. If you have a good update for cortina's (^2/^3) i don't think it's worth buying bull, unless you want to upgrade it. If these bull weapons had setting traps instead of hiding, NOBODY would have bought them. And they are 2 years newer than Cortina's and exclusive with nuggets.

Uchiha Madara

InnoGames losing money then if they dont make that union happen ;)
I understand that some players would want a riding set for Union but it will never happen as many times you say it and as many times you say they will lose money if they don't , they have said it before and they will continue saying it that they will never put Union in market again and they will never make anything else related to Union , I think we should respect that and move on , saying to them everyday to put Union in SHOP or make a riding set for it won't change their mind and it's actually like talking to a wall so I suggest you stop spamming to make a riding set or that they will lose money if they don't etc etc , you are wasting your time.