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Complete Your Independence Day Sets Discussion


Master Sergeant
Stop Stop must submit complaints !!! Only 1 set has the weapon and that is Independence Day set Albert Alvords set. This weapon we have seen but for the set of , James Brooks set , John Bull's set and N. K. Boswell's set they had no weapons at all. That means we could not give it improvement suggestion So your statement is False

Source: Complete your Independence Day Sets

And that with Union horse and saddle is a very very very good idea. :up: I would also spend money on that. Unfortunately that will never come


Master Sergeant
Good IDEA it is with the horse and saddle! I would buy it and duplicate! You have to start a survey that would be a proof that someone has interest and Community can forward it to InnoGames


It's a good idea only if it's balanced. It shouldn't be as strong as unionist set.

A possible bonus might be:
20 mob
20 dext
20 char
280 hiding
100 aiming
200 setting traps
240 leadership
45 sector damage
5 attack
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Gaunter O Dimm

"You're always complaining" I have been told on .fr servers.
Then I compared the game updates between 2015 and 2022.
Then I complained again and again.
Please do something useful on the game, at least just ask players values for fort fight, things like that, we ll do it, and far far better.
This sale? This stuff on the west is worth 2.5€ , nothing more.


it shouldnt be op but it should be much better then out recent fort riding sets like jos + samuels..

if should have the skill bouns of a lvl 2 minimum riding at no lvl since it costs nuggets and is supposed to be better ..

if should have the same layout of skills/bouns's like union weapons/clothing have.. nothing new added or removed!!

Al35ul CM

The West Team
Even if it's just a horse and saddle, is there a no? Omg what is based at Developer Diggo11? Not to convince to look at it and not always throw a no in? :eek:
Not what I meant. Union officer set will not be on sale again in the near future and it is unlikely a union officer horse set will be released. Thst being said, this does not mean a new damager horse set will not come out.


union set must be completed.. it needs its riding set.. its needs to have something better then the next damagers horse set that will come out.. thats what nugget set ment for..

this sale will make you rich!!! believe me