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Church Experience

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Thadious Pud

This might be a little off topic but what is the point of having a church that gets harder to build as it goes up?

When the churches first came out I thought it was a great idea cause (cause the church was for everyone) then my other characters that weren't skilled completely in building could still get some of the achievements. Then I found that while I might have been able to do a few hours work it leveled up so fast that I wasn't able to do it at all.

The way things are the churches will reach a cap where even the best builders won't be able to continue and how will that help the new workers that would like to join existing towns?

All players in a town should have the ability to help build a church. No matter what their skill! If someone wishes to do work I'm sure the church would find something for them to do even if it is a crappy paint job on the fence lol


if the difficulty won't get higher, that would result in much higher levels and with that coming an extreme "distortion" (dont know the exact word for it) of the town ranking and the mysterious "+x praying".

if praying has any effect, i'm sure such extreme values are not wanted and therefore the cap is just positive.