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Christmas Sale Feedback


To bad we can't pay with bonds.
I saved 993 bonds for this event :(


Update: prices on .net are dropping so fast, people getting all kinds of pants, rifles, horses with 50k bags. This is best event so far.
Yeah, you don't getting anything free, but for 50k you can get gear worth 500k-1M so far and if you don't get it, you can get it from market at half price (or even cheaper).

As for 3M package, they are not worth that much.


I think that this is a trolling event. Soon we will get level cap update and probably all those (or most of them) rare (not anymore :p) items will be replaced by new ones for higher lvls.
That's my theory :up:


that's exactly what will happen, if you ask me. you can't expect level 50 sets to be the best clothes for various scenarios when you are level 120+...


Staff Sergeant
InnoGames developers idea was easy:

Get all the money out of the account with 20 or more million that there are all around the worlds.
There are too many people with over 10M on there bank account... so they got a way to use that money and, at the same time, crash the market.

That way, when the limit raises for 150, the new clothes, weapons and other things will be only available when you use nuggets.

At the same time, they can take out the money from the game and close this sets out and make them collectors pieces.