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Character transfer - feedback

Discussion in 'Version 1.X' started by kankalin, May 10, 2012.

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  1. TexasLeo

    TexasLeo Guest


    Still waiting on character deletion from Alamogordo to move my toon back where he belongs.
  2. Joao611

    Joao611 Guest

    Want my old avatar back

    Everything's fine after transfer to World 3 and re-transfer to Alamogordo, but my good ol' default Dueler avatar is gone (u know, the avatars before the ugly avatar generator came). I want it back. Please?
  3. matsancola

    matsancola Reservist

    May 15, 2012
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    Main Server:
    I transfered from alamo and I arrived in W3 on May 11, 12 10:56 AM
    75 240 315 Achievement reward.

    I have the same problem coming back from W3.

    Please delete your character on the selected world before the transfer.

    I have already send 2 tickets but no answer so far.
    transfer back to alamogordo from W3 World 3 2012-05-14 15:06 Open
    transfer character alamogordo to W3 World 3 2012-05-11 17:03 Open

    please help as I do not want to grow a long beard in w3....
  4. Borracho

    Borracho Guest

    Still stuck in W3

    My oldest support ticket [2012-05-13 02:11]
    Seeing others posting success, I don't understand why I can't get my character deleted in Alamogordo so I can transfer back.
  5. Far Eastern

    Far Eastern Private First Class

    Jul 24, 2010
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    Maybe now there are too many requests...
  6. Zarbe

    Zarbe Reservist

    Feb 4, 2012
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    No Reply?

    I tried to transfer to W3 twice and cos was stuck cancelled it. I hit report bug and got response there were no problems, but had also put a ticket in. I then got a response I was sent to W3, but whilst waiting I progressed to lvl 69, and made some cash. Now I have been transferred to W3 I am being told to go back to Alolomogordo but have to delete my character in there. My problem is if I do I lose my lvl 69 and cash, but if I delete the one in w3 I will lose the transfer bonds. I have submitted tickets, in W3 and Alomogordo and no reply to either, and its now 2 days later. It was said report any issues, which I have, but how can I do anything if I get no answers?
  7. Jekyll

    Jekyll Reservist

    Jul 20, 2011
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    Main Server:
    Devs, you should give us 100 nuggets for our patience!! :)) We're already waiting for 2-3 days! :hmpf:
  8. I feel your pain :mad:
  9. fictionfable

    fictionfable Guest

    Backlashes are never fun, just as EA regarding the Mass Effect 3 launch ;)

    Please get on your butts and get our character transfers sorted, else we're liable to start doing something stupid like spamming your fb and twitter pages :whistle:

    Maybe more to the point.. get our Almo characters deleted so we can transfer back..
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2012
  10. Far Eastern

    Far Eastern Private First Class

    Jul 24, 2010
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    Guys, guys!!!! Why some of you are acting like a ram, throwing yourself head first??? All the answers you need can be found by reading this thread. ALL OF IT!!!
  11. fafer

    fafer Guest

    Far Eastern, it worked for you. You were lucky to be among the first. It's not done anyhow anymore. My ticket is not answered for 3 days now.

    I gave up waiting on support and started manual delete of account and i have no problem waiting 5 days for it nor do i ask for any compensation. It is test world and test account, isn't it?
  12. Far Eastern

    Far Eastern Private First Class

    Jul 24, 2010
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    Well, that's right. That's I was assumed that there are maybe too many requests to be solved right now. And that's why I was recommended acting simoultaneously, on manual 5 day deletion AND sending in a ticket hopeing for a quicker deletion.

    Patience, my dears...
  13. Bluep

    Bluep Guest

    Transfer Alamogordo -> W3
    (initiated on 12.05.2012 ~11:50 PM Server time, finished when I checked the next day ~10 AM)
    • Character on Alamogordo had been deleted as expected
    • Inventory, Achievements, Money, Bonds, Skills -- everything ok there :)
    • Got the bonds reward & title
    • - Old style Avatar was reset to Greenhorn (as mentioned many times before)
    • - I finished the daily tasks before I migrated -> This day was NOT counted as success
    • - (Ingame) Bug reports were not transferred - if you plan to implement this type of bug report system on normal worlds too, then you should link the reports to the account, not a world+player combination (Guess I'll never see nuggets for the 2 bugs I've reported on W3 before migrating back ^^)

    Transfer W3 -> Alamogordo
    (initiated on 15.05.2012 ~11:45 PM Server time, finished when I checked today ~11 AM)
    Bluep is back on Ala again, but
    • - Character on W3 hasn't been deleted successfully, the W3 button on the login screen is a desaturated ocre (not as bright as Alamogordo, but not gray either) and clicking on it brings along
  14. fictionfable

    fictionfable Guest

    Yes they can be, and indeed I did exactly that before doing anything.. but the fact is that support is now not responding (at least in my case) to deletion requests, not even with some "acknowledged" reply to stop one from ranting here or spamming them with tickets..

    3 days without a repsonse from the support team :up: Wouldn't have it any other way would we :mad:
  15. Tiamat69fr

    Tiamat69fr Guest


    I wanted to check if my character on Alamogordo was properly removed, following migration to the world 3.
    But when I logged on, a character has been created automatically.
    Can someone delete the character on Alamogordo, so I can return to the world.

    Thanks .
    best regards
  16. TexasLeo

    TexasLeo Guest

    Same thing happened to me, out of habit I clicked Alamo when logging in and it created a new level 1. When did the game stop asking if you were sure if you wanted to play a new world when you clicked on one?
  17. Spout

    Spout Guest

    Did we have to delete our characters in almogordo to go back ?
  18. tavikid

    tavikid Guest

    How long does it delete an account from Alamogordo?

    I gave five days ago and had deleted my account be deleted by this time and not yet deleted.
    I can not move from w3 in Alamogordo until they delete my account at Alamogordo
  19. kankalin

    kankalin Guest

    I can't do anything else but keep quoting myself:

    And before i forget, thank you very much girls and guys for testing the transfer, it's been a huge help for us to see the problems and fix them before anything even worse happens. THANKS :)

    Anyone who lost her/his old avatar and would like to get it back please report to Support so we can set it back for you.
  20. fafer

    fafer Guest

    hi kankalin, majority of us already did contact support and there is no reply from them. (my first ticket is 5 days old already and another update of ticket AFTER your post is 3 days old)

    but we are happy to help, that's why we are here, to test this nice feature.