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Character Bonuses Need Revisiting

Hayate Kirino

Hi, posting the same post i posted on .net forum

Im going to make this short and sweet although i could go on for hours about balancing. The pvp aspect of the game revolvs mainly around the 4 character classes and the bonuses each get. With the new reworks of old items that give insane amounts of skill points and the tombola sets getting stronger(as it should be, im not complaining about that),some classes benefit too much while others are left in the dirt. First and foremost, in terms of dueling a smart player handling a soldier should never get KOed, and probably never even lose. Why is that? The amount of free skills he gets from his bonuses are too insane to match. Items now give 100+health points, tactics etc. With his % buff in tactics a soldier with 600 tactics goes up to 900, meaning 300 free skill points. If he invests like 100 points from his skill points, the numbers go to 700 meaning,1050 total and 350 free points. As items get even stronger, and possibly 50 more levels are added to the game, this will get completely out of hand. In terms of fort fighting, last year i predicted that the worker will soon be too strong to match,and low and behold. Despite being already quite obvious thanks to a few union workers going around already during 2019, since cortinas have surfaced in my native market the top 3 dodgers are always workers with cortinas. Again the same principal is in my place, the % increase in dodging gives way to much power to the worker sky rocketing his dodge chance, especially when paired with the % new tower bonuses. While the dueler still retains some power in fort fights thanks to his 10% critical damage, i think its obvious that he doesnt even come close to the buff the worker got this year.

What is the common denominator?Obviously the existence of % buffs in the kit of these classes,while the adventurer class remains absolutely worthless in terms of pvp. The admins promised changes after the ifbc and the community was there to help with the testing but eventually all eforts were abandoned. Adventurer needs immediate attention!

What are my suggetstions?Obviously you can change these values and lower them manualy.Something that in my opinion is vital to be done, is to allow players to change their class via some premium feature. I know for a fact that it is easily done,since in the test server for the ifbc preparation we could change arround our class all the time. The button is there, put some nuggs infront of it and let the players enjoy themselves. I know it is company policy probably to not have this feature in order to encourage players to enter new worlds to try something new, but sadly in alot of markets the playerbase has shrunk insanely and only 1-2 servers remain truly active, so whatever you got there you must work with it. The new server that opens every year hardly gets any battles above 20-30 players on each side and its simply not worth playing. Id love to play on 4 different servers actively trying different things but sadly its not possible. Please rethink this last point, despite getting a negative response on the .net forum. For alot of players this might be the difference between continuing to play or abandoning the game. Also, in terms of pure business im certain that a nugget feature allowing to change clasess would make HUGE profits for the company.


I list the non-premium skill bonuses
1_ +50% hp
2_ +25%tactics
3_ +25% leadership
1_ +20% aim+dodge (but its basically 2???)
Dueller and adventurer? NONE!

And since years after years items give more and more skill points as already mentioned this is beyond broken.

There are many things you can do to change this. I believe best is to replace all bonuses that give +skills with something more unique.

Some bonuses that i think sound cool although might not be perfect:

1)self-sacrifice protect and serve: in fort fights has a 50-100%? chance to take the damage that a neighbouring teamate would get (*teamate must not be soldier or have more current hp than him)
2)heroism and courage:in fortfights if he dies on flag square he can survive one more round even after being koed
3)boost morale: in ff every 5-10(?) turns give an attack bonus(maybe +% or flat increase) that last 1-3(?) turns and stacks up to 5-10(?) times each time (ex if 20soldiers it counts up to 10 times. If 5 soldiers it will count 5times)

1) construction knowledge: in ff get extra bonus to defence/attack when next to or on buildings/walls/towers etc (?off-topic maybe add some small barricades for attackers on the red lines that boost defence slighlty?)
2)mechanical efficiency/wastes no bullets: in ff will try to target the opponent that has higher chance to hit.
3)when duelled while he is inside town gets a small(?) aim bonus and/or opponent gets a small(?) Aim penalty (maybe depending on town level/construction points)

Adventurer: because he has crap i though some
1)doenst like staying in one place: in ff he can move a little further with no penalty when changing sectors
2)bonus +defence when he is alone
3)heal every 5-10(?)rounds for 10%(?)hp
4)when duelled while doing a work outside of his town map square/sector gains a small(?) dodge bonus

One last for dueller or soldier
1)if attacked in a duel by the same person twice in 12-24(?)hours opponent gets a (big?) aim penalty for each round tactic that is same as previous duel
2)when attacking a wanted player ignore all duel class bonus/penalties.

A little big post and dont know if was supposed to suggest these and some are bad and people might not like them but i strongly feel they have to change before the end of the year.
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