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Changing character class


I have stated in some other threads that having a change class might be useful, but unfair. You get a bonus % on jobs then u switch to Dueller to attend forts. It'd be better to have some kind of reborn/prestige system in which you evolve or something like that.


The fact that this game is over 10 years old and never listened to its community is not a surprise, I don't understand why you insist when the CM already said "it will never be available."

Its crystal clear: Innogames doesn't care ... about us, as long as we pay up the server maintenance its fine for them. The game has been the same garbage for years now and it won't change a bit. Event weapons will keep just going crazier and crazier (i got both sniper level 5 and tinglit from few years ago and they are COMPLETE garbage compared to Murrieta for example) and the game will keep on going the same. People that picked adventurer 10 years ago will be doomed for ever or even quit the god damn game, that is all that is left for us.

Innogames didn't even have the compassion to build an APP for users lmao, this game is AWFUL for mobile users, literally the worst game I've witnessed on my smartphone, and it's 2021 lmao.

And right after this, I will get ban hammered, for saying only facts.
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Private First Class
You're 100% right, nare.
But i don't think you'll get banned for what you said. Not on beta forum at least. If you were on romanian forum, you woke up not only ban on forum, but also with threats for in game ban.