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Changelog Changelog 2.34



Dear community,

We present to you: our newest update! The update includes a few features and improvements, such as the now repeatable Valentines quests (2015), a small increase of the chances to find the third key, an extension to the Gold Rush questline for those who could not finish it and a whole load of of bugfixes. For a full list of changes, please check out the full changelog below!


Valentines quests
The Valentines quest from 2015 is now repeatable and can be done every year. It will automatically unlock and is no longer bound to the event.

For a limited time you can buy an item in the shop which allows you to lower your duel level from 450 to 449. This only affects your current duel level, not your total duel xp in the rankings.

Error when trying to join an alliance restricted fort battle you do not belong to
An SQL error message was displayed. This has been changed with a more helpful message.

Adjusted the drop chance of the third key
The third key is dropable from the jobs "grave robber" and "travelling merchant". The drop chance for finding it as a grave robber was significantly lower. This value has been adjusted to be more in line with working as a traveling merchant.

Improvements to the chat system
We worked on several techical improvements to the chat system. It should now perform and work better, sending out messages faster and more reliable.

Gold Rush questline
Due to issues with the gold rush questline we adjusted the quest giver and questline to run from February 14th, for 30days, to allow players to finish it. These times will be reverted to the old values with a future patch.

The Nicolas set is now auctionable


Collect dollars from the market for nuggets is now possible again

Stuck on New Years questline
Under certain conditions it was possible to be stuck on the New Years questline. This should not longer be possible.

Some telegrams being sent by the game during quests were sent in the wrong language
You should now be able to understand what those NPCs want from you

Fixes for several for repeatable questlines
Due to the recent issues with repeatable questlines we found out that there were several problems with how the quests worked and were confgured. These conditions made them impossible to complete or would have broken them in the future.

The sleepyhead achievement was named incorrectly in some language versions

Rounding issues for upgraded items
Some items displayed wrong values after upgrading. This was due to an error with rounding, which has been adressed.

Burned down hut not available after December 31st
The quest giver was not configured correctly and therefore did not show up properly. This has been fixed.

Migration is not possible
Under certain circumstances characters were not able to migrate from one server to another.

Fixed bug that could cause a server crash under certain conditions

We hope that you like the changes you have received with this update. Of course we're looking forward to hearing your feedback, which can be given in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your The West Team


We just performed a small update containing the following:


Negative value for sent hearts in the Valentines Day delivery questline
It was possible that for some players the counter for sending hearts to friends in the "Valentines Delivery" questline showed a negative value. If you are still affected by this please cancel the quest and accept it again.

The quest "The determined Indian" could be finished multiple times
This is no longer possible

The quest-giver for "Master of Song" did not appear
Chatan now shows up, as he should.

Gone with the Valentines Day end dates adjusted
The original as well as repeatable questlines can now both be finished until March 2nd 23:59

End date of the reskill questline adjusted
The reskill questline now properly runs until the March 31st, as announced

Impossible to finish "Flight home"
The finish requiredments for "Flight home" (repeatable version) were wrong and were therefore adjusted

Event currency tooltip
The tooltip of the hearts icon in the friendsbar displayed "undefined currency". This has been fixed.

Reskill questline now also refunds tactics
Tactics has been added to the questline. If you already completed the quesline please contact our support to have your tactics skillpoints to be reset manually.

Kind regards,
Your The West Team
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The West Team
We just applied a hotfix containing the following changes:


Fixed the personal reward sprite
The two chests were displayed in the wrong order

Added the corect set bonus to Juans set
The bonuses were cut off at wearing six items. This has been corrected to give a bonus for wearing all eight items.

Fixed the repeatable quest "Flight home"

The access requirements were configured wrong, preventing players from repeating it. This has been adjusted.

Issues with buying the heart bag from the shop
Some players who still had an old heart bag in their inventory didn't receive a new bag when buying it from the shop.


Reduced wheel spin costs from 50 to 40
Due to community feedback we decided to cut the costs of additional spins on the wheel by 20%. This applies to bonds as well as nuggets.

Kind regards,
Your The West Team
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The West Team
We will apply another hotfix shortly:

Not able to finish "The burned home"
The questline for soldiers and duelers was configured wrongly and prevented these classes from progressing. This has been adjusted.