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Changelog 2.195 - Discussion


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
Yes I know, but it's so sad. Everyone against this update, and the innogames doesn't even think that something is wrong with this update & achievement after seeing the whole negative feedbacks. With this kind of updates they more likely kill the activity, what a joke.
I wouldn't necessarily say "against" the update, it's just pointless content dumping when so much of the existing content needs to be updated.

The amount of skill and attribute points we get per-level is so outdated that every PvP aspect of the game is broken and this is more of a Dress-up sim than a Role-Playing Game.

The duelling system is so broken that it is common practice to lose on purpose to lower your duelling level.
Fort changes abruptly stopped in the middle of something great, leaving resistance useless, and leaving some very expensive gear unusable.

Fort and duel buffs are mega outdated
Every quest reward is super outdated in relation to both PvP and PvE aspects of the modern game

Only one Gen Store horse gives stats
Golden and counterfeit golden colt have not been updated to level-based

The game literally breaks when you are just doing 15s jobs, or selling items to the trader, or opening boxes.
The town log is completely and utterly unusable with construction logs.

This is hardly an exhaustive list, it's just what i've experienced in the last 2 days.

To me, it seems like InnoGames are ignoring every single thing that made this game fun, in favour of content that will be relevant 12 years from now.

Can we shift focus to the here and now, please.


im one of those players thats collects all achievements
so this one is like the impossible one for me
to collect all achievements you must be active etc..
not possible by sleeping half the time every day!!

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
Maybe they will now make if you sleep you will gain X100 experience points according to your level , so if you are 174x100 a full sleep will give you 17,400 xp.

P.s. I highly doubt they will make something like this :whistle:

P.s.2 Let us sleep for the achievements but give us XP in return :njub:

P.S.3 I'm obviously joking :dastardly::up:


Master Sergeant
But there are many adventures where no city are! Or I on a world as a soldier also joined no city. That's what I mean


The West Team
so are you forwarding our comments?
because im not hearing from you. and the update is tomorrow
i really hope you change this update before it comes out too all the other worlds..

the stats i gave early are reasonable for anyone to accomplish!!
Loki!!! any news on these new achievements..
@Artem124, as I've already stated:
I have passed the feedback on but, as you already know, the decision is not mine to make.

Some players do sleep a lot.
Personally, I am not for or against this achievement. There are plenty achievements that many players don't plan on doing.
Regardless, I have forwarded the Beta Community feedback as it was stated here.
Always have, always will. :up:

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
Hard to say, probably not a live one but I will check to see what I can do.
Maybe we can setup a topic for it, gather some questions, I'll forward them and once I get the answers, publish them on the forum.
I will check tomorrow if that can be done.
1)Will UP shop get updated?
2)Its very outdated , some chests should not be worth as they are now , would there be any decrease on the value?
3)Will you finally add XP buffs in the shop for bonds? People were asking about this for a very long time and I think the time has come for that to happen.
4)Will fort battle changes stay as they are or will you continue testing stuff? Leaving after just a few updates doesn't seem good.
5)Will you finally do something about adventures?
6)It's very hard to find matches to play and that makes it even harder for certain adventure achievements to be completed. Will you add a feature that NPC can participate in Adventure? ( For example if 5 players have registered and havent found a match for 20 minutes automatically an NPC is assigned to be the missing player.
7)Will you finally stop adding trash chests in the Tombolas? It's just sad , the amount of times we asked about this and yet we still see absolutely useless chests that have 0 value. Instead of chests you can add XP potions..

I will leave others to add some questions too , I don't want to be greedy :lol:

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Master Sergeant
Hard to say, probably not a live one but I will check to see what I can do.
Maybe we can setup a topic for it, gather some questions, I'll forward them and once I get the answers, publish them on the forum.
I will check tomorrow if that can be done.
1. Will the adventurer get a buff soon?
2. Do you have a class balance in mind?
3. Do you plan to add new maps to the adventures?
4. Will you add diminishing returns to the leadership?
5. Will you do something to encourage dueling and solve the problem of lack of duelable targets at high level?
6. When will you drop non-premium worlds? They don't make sense and prevent migration to them. Players on these are usually old players dozens of levels and hundreds of extra skills/attributes compared to those on some new worlds, the only ones disadvantaged are those on so called "premium worlds", not the other way around.
7. Are you going to do something about the extremely slow level growth?

Sorinel Desteptul

Lance Corporal
And why would you connect the adventures with xp? A more efficient solution to level up should be found, without forcing players to play a certain game mode or use real money.
And people complain why nobody plays adventures. Because we have crap rewards. Years ago, I joined adventures every time. Just to reach 500 VP and buy XP Potion. Another battle, another 500 VP, another XP, next battle, reach 500 VP, next XP potion, next battle, 500 VP, potion, same thing all the time. They removed it, why should I play adventures now ? Gold coins ? No thanks. We got this event with Adventures won: 0/1 = chest with 5 gold coins. Not a single adventure played since the event started.
Buy what ? Mojo ? Cards ? Crap chests with crap items ? Bring XP potion and people will start playing adventures.