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Changelog 2.186 - Discussion


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Nothing kills fort battles faster than non-competitiveness and knowing who will win before the battle takes place. It's been a long, loooooong wait for this, but well done.

Uchiha Madara

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completely off-topic sidenote btw, delete if required, but if you use
, instead of using the upload thing, people don't need to sign in to see your memes.
Nice , i didn't know this , but I am to dumb to understand how to do it , please explain :P what should be in between the code?


My ideas:

Dodge 100 / 1000 / 10000 times in FF
Dodge 2500 times as an Attacker
Dodge 2500 times as a Defender
Make 10000 / 100000 / 1000000 DMG in FF
Make 500000 DMG as an Attacker
Make 500000 DMG as a Defender

Make 1 / 2 kill in the first 10 round
Make 1 / 2 kill in the last 5 round

Last kill (first wouldn't a good idea, because of the ranks)


Private First Class

I have an idea to make more people to show interest in fort fights.

My suggestion would be that, randomly selected players get a random chest which can contain 1-2-5% potion of wisdom. Like in the old days you could get the wooden box, iron-clad chest and the steel lined box based on your performance. I don`t think you would need to go back to the performance based selection, but like 5-10% of the players would get the chest which has like a 1% chance to get a wisdom potion or you can play with the percentages, but this addition to the game might spark some interest to participate at fights.

Thanks Pimpa


Master Sergeant
Fort battle damage wehre also good! Not only KO or raise flags. Special that towers, the choice the gate and the buildings in the fort get damage. And the bonus on all 4 towers is adjusted to each character. That only it is called towers 1, 2, 3 or 4 take one