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Changelog 2.182


Master Sergeant
That means that this year you have to win a competition to get a new pretzel box? And every 11 1/2 hours you can get again 1250 pretzels? What is the where in the store true there is no longer?


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
It is ironic that these updated items are as useful as they were before you started with old gear updates: not useful at all!
A total waste of 2 years in game development.
We aren't in the same position, we are much, much worse.
The balance is completely gone for new worlds or "classic" style worlds, meaning that neither can realistically be played right now.
Every new set's hat is obsolete on release.
Named items are now less valuable than they were before, due to being nerfed in relation to the shiny variant.

Never too late to revert updates that are 100% negatively received.


gigachad soldi vs rusty knife, the changelog stories


Private First Class
Pretzels container

We have added new pretzels container which generates 1250 pretzels every 11.5 hours. You will be able to win it in local contests."

Do u have to join the fakebook group again to participate the contest ?


Master Sergeant
I asked that too because of the competition. and whether it is still available in the shop! No comment from the team