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Changelog 2.180 Discussion

Bill Doolin

The cinema quest requirements follows the same settings (to call it that) as other quests (such as quests in our crafting event and I believe harvest event as you have indeed mentioned), hence why this was changed.
That would be true for the daily harvest quests, but as far as I know it's not that way for all the other daily quests and daily event quests.

For the harvest quests I kinda understand such limitations since one has to collect coins and the whole event is designed to make it a challenge and to only get a few of the weapons.

But that's not the case for all the other quests. Using the harvests as argument is like turning things upside down.


I think that is because the rounding the game makes.

When you upgrade to ^2 the sistem rounds upwards, and when you upgrade to ^3, doesn´t change.

Cortina does the same, so upgrading from ^1 to ^2 only gives you more skills
thanks, i didn't know
but still this isn't fair
i'm glad at least i checked before upgrading it, just to see no difference


Staff Sergeant
If the value is below 1, you get 10% more with each upgrade.
For values of 1 or more, it is rounded by addition for ^1 and it's approximated for higher upgrades.
5 becomes 6 at lvl 1, 7 at lvl 3 and 8 at lvl 5.
4 becomes 5 at lvl 1 and 6 at lvl 4.
3 becomes 4 at lvl 1 and 5 at lvl 5.
1 and 2 become 2 and 3 at lvl 1.

Logic behind this:
5 at lvl 1 becomes 5.5 so it's approximated to 6.
5 at lvl 3 becomes 6.5 so it's approximatedto 7.
4 at lvl 1 becomes 4.4 so it's rounded to 6. (but this is because at ^1 the game always rounds by adding +1 to ^1)
4 at lvl 4 becomes 5,6 so it's approximated to 6.



Private First Class

I have heard rumours that the new jobs/level cap increase coming towards the end of September or beginning of October. Is that true?

Regards Pimpa