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Changelog 2.179


Master Sergeant
Yes, then hopefully the weapons will come after the shoes

It makes me wonder what InnoGames takes over from our wishes/suggestions at the next event that starts in September!? Whether they implement it or want to annoy us further.

And from when they accept other suggestions before too many take off and lose interest. :huh: :tumbleweed:

Uchiha Madara

New Angus McGuffin quests

From now you will be able to exchange Potion of Forgetfulness to Potion of Weakening and vice versa.

You should do this for the useless chests we get from the events , make it so we can at least trade the chests for bonds, at least like that they won't be as useless as they are now , if not , do not ever add SHOP chests in events , it's a waste and no one wants them.

If anyone likes the idea of being able to trade chests for bonds show it by liking this.

P.s. I'm not asking for likes but more of a support of this idea because I think it's a great idea and many would like this considering the amount of chests they add in events and in the end you can't do anything with them besides selling the contents to the trader.


Master Sergeant
Am there with :P :up: and you should also make first aid box exchangeable energy boxes luck box, etc. So you do not always have to read how the nerves


Master Sergeant
Where have the users gone here in the forum? Do you only have something to write at events? but when a what begins our only 1 joins in? It doesn't cost anything to do it, does it? for the community it's easier to write 1 big ticket than 100 tickets