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Changelog 2.172 Discussion Thread


2 weeks and only 5 min of work in this update? It would have been smarter to skip this :)

Why do you update the game every 2 weeks if there is no real content? Just do updates only once a month but give us real features. For example, upgrade all pieces of clothing in one update...

Al35ul CM

The West Team
There is a small internal delay, hence why the update is shorter than usual but we will continue with our old item improvement and other features with our next changelogs.


this update shouldve fixed perrys hat.. but to InnoGames the set will be too op with +1 attack/defense more.. really makes no sense.. shouldve made the whole set evened out and equal.. idk why you cant fix it.. not even that hard .. get it done before event ends and your good


Makes no sense to have stronger and stronger sets every year. I’d rather have something equal to Boats which i couldn’t upgrade as i wasnae playing that year.


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
Update 2.4876542: We forgot to put a "." at the end of the previous changelog.

Without being disprepetful for any team support member.
Most people would do a patch for one bugfix, not an entire version change...
Most people would go v2.99 > v3.00, but we are very special here.


Updates (i.e. changelogs) are not just to add new features to the game but also to fix bugs and multiple other aspects that are not always visible to players.

A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes made to a project. So it's clearly not a changelog. Just accept the fact that we don't need these kind of updates/changelogs for every 2 weeks because it's a joke. This habit came from years ago when there were much more work behind this game :)

@lulumcnoob is right, this "update" is only a patch.